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Vitamin Q, it is the true ally against tiredness and wrinkles: properties and benefits unknown to most

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Vitamin Q, it is the true ally against tiredness and wrinkles: properties and benefits unknown to most

Did you know that vitamin Q is the real ally against tiredness and wrinkles? Here are all the unknown properties and benefits.

When age tends to increase, tiredness and the presence of wrinkles also increase with it, which we try to fight and eliminate in all possible ways known to us. Various creams, supplements recommended by the best experts and sometimes even the use of cosmetic surgery. After all, a few pinpricks can do nothing but good.

But did you know that in reality one of the greatest allies against tiredness and the further formation of wrinkles is vitamin Q? Do you know where it is possible to find it and what are its characteristics that make it so loved? Let’s see it together below: you will be amazed.

Vitamin Q and benefits: here’s where to find it

Nowadays, as looking perfect in public seems to be increasingly important, we find ourselves trying in every way to stay eternally young. This can easily be done with the help of many foods, training, water, creams and so on. But few know that it can be done especially with vitamin Q. Ever heard of the latter? Well, it already exists in our body and is produced by all the cells in our body.

It has a structure very similar to vitamins E and K. It is classified among the ‘fat-soluble proteins’, which means that our body stores it and reuses it when the time is right, therefore we do not need to take it every day or constantly. But where can we find it and above all how does it act on our body?

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The properties of vitamin Q

The way it works is very simple: it has a strong and high antioxidant power and serves above all to transfer energy to the cells. It tends to make the skin much more elastic, thus combating wrinkles and stretch marks. Furthermore, by giving the cells a lot of energy, it also manages to eliminate tiredness.

We can find it in:
White meat: chicken and turkey. But also in pig and in particular in liver of the latter which, if eaten healthily and well cooked, can constitute an enormous supply of vitamins and energy to our body. Seafood and some types of fish such as tuna, sardines and mackerel.

As we well know, we don’t have to worry about it early, because we have seen that it is also produced by our body, therefore it is inherent in us. But as we age the latter tends to be less and less and requires a constant intake of around 100-200 mg per week. We can therefore certainly take it through the food listed above or through very specific pills.

(Source: Cityrumors.it)

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