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Watch out for this rash, check your skin now

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Watch out for this rash, check your skin now

Cold urticaria can be very annoying but you can intervene by eliminating all the problems: let’s see how to recognize it and how to treat eczema.

When cold temperatures occur, many people are reached by a certain eczema which is also known as cold urticaria. It is a common condition on which one can intervene in an absolutely calm way.

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Eczema develops through a skin reaction to cold and involves the skin and epidermis. This problem causes redness and dry skin in the mildest cases while in the most serious ones we are witnessing a real one skin inflammation.

Cold urticaria needs to be especially looked out for since there are several risk factors leading to the development of this pathology. Furthermore, it can form in various ways not only depending on the person affected but also on the temperatures.

When it occurs and how to recognize cold urticaria

It is not possible to establish a minimum threshold in which cold urticaria occurs but generally a temperature below 4 degrees can trigger such nuisance. It is not to be excluded, in certain circumstances, that the eczema goes to form under 20 degreesin this case we are referring to people extremely sensitive to low temperatures.

This eczema tends to affect the most women in the age group between 20 and 40 yearseven more so if they have recently experienced a stressful situation a psychological and physical level. In this area, however, scientists have not yet highlighted the link between symptoms and family history of patients.

The most common forms occur when:

  • The skin is dry;
  • There’s a thickening of the skin (hyperkeratosis);
  • Skin redness, ragadi e cracks (regular and elongated wounds);
  • Not to be underestimated either itching and the crust formation.
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Just the itching it is the symptom that turns out to be more problematic for patients since it can also manifest itself in such intense forms as not being able to carry out normal daily activitiesin addition to the fact that it negatively affects sleep.

How eczema is diagnosed and treated

The diagnosis of cold urticaria must necessarily take place after a visit from a dermatologist, with the specialist who arrives at the answer through various and necessary checks. After framing the pathology, we move on to therapy.

The therapy changes according to the level of intensity of the eczema, here we have:

  • A chronic form: this form presents skin flaking and fissures to be treated with special and specific emollients;
  • An acute form: the therapy in this case involves cortisone drugs and steroid creams.

In the most difficult cases it is important to use, in addition to the reference cream, some cotton gloves so as to create a protective shield.

Instead, with reference to the emollient products, these are generally very useful for both mild and more acute forms. Just as the work done by the cleaners hypoallergenic a neutral ph.

The information in this article is for informational and informative purposes and must not be taken as a substitute for normal specialist checks. In case of problems, contact your trusted doctor.

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