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“Good advice is expensive” – they say. It is also said: “What costs nothing is not valued”. And the prevailing free mentality does not directly provide compensation, I find that unfair and unfair ;-)! When asked “What should I do” – if necessary without a previous question – a certain “You absolutely have to…” follows:

A man comes down the street with a penguin. There’s a policeman there. The policeman asks: “Where did you get the penguin from?” The man replies: “He ran towards me.”
Answer: “You need to with the penguin absolutely to the zoo!” The next day the man comes down the street again and the same policeman is standing there. “You went to the zoo with the penguin yesterday, didn’t you?” “Yes, and today we’re going to the cinema!”

The economy, and therefore advertising, also wants to interfere in our behavior and actions, loosely translated:

“You absolutely have to use a specific, pre-portioned ‘pasta salt’ when you cook pasta!”

When it comes to the usury “pasta salt”, it’s hardly worth making a real comment, the pre-proportioned superfluity is done with a gloss, and only those who are outraged about the food industry as a business model make a scandal out of the choice.

“I’ve been using my reliable and indestructible dosing aid for a long time and I’m happy to do without more” – you could also say, for example, and take a photo like from the good old days.

The time change is a difficult matter for some, the number of accidents regularly increases, a kind of involuntary jet lag develops – and, instead of turning this social disregard for chronobiology into an attention, those who do not eat breakfast should remember that funny saying “Breakfast like a king, …”.

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An “interview on circadian rhythms” comes up with unforeseen foreign words, differentiates between the “owl” and the “lark” types, and in popular science one could still differentiate according to the wood we are made of – e.g. E.g. “I’m more of the maple type that valuable musical instruments are made of,” etc.

Instead of giving the readers the opportunity to do something to increase their maturity, the fellow citizens are showered with all sorts of cheap advice:

“Overcoming procrastination with 17 tips” 3 stress factors that eat away at your health unnoticed – and how to get rid of them 6 subconscious habits that sap your energy Advertisement 5 sentences you shouldn’t say to an anxious person These 3 exercises will make you less than 4 minutes happier How the trauma of our ancestors’ war affects our lives This is the crucial difference between alone and lonely

“Under the hand” cheated the “crumble cake like grandma’s” among the Pscho tips, because “This GDR classic is a real one Soul comforter„!

It’s not far from comfort food to bedtime sweets, at least not as far as hummus. So here is a very small “food board”…

“Personality tests” coexist with various horoscopes, and this determination of the indefinite leads to the following:

Psychology: This is the difference between healthy self-esteem and narcissism

“A person who has healthy self-esteem might say, ‘I’m good and worthwhile,’ while a narcissistic person might say, ‘I’m special,’ or, ‘I’m the: the best around.'” So that person poses always above others, while a confident person recognizes their own worth independently of others.”

The frequent use of status symbols alone fuels doubts about the independence of self-esteem, and many sports venues stand empty without the will of the competitors to be the best; the system works through the interaction of competitors and fans.

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It continues with “4 tips for dealing with toxic people”, whereby the central heading could be “In search of mental balance”.

narcissism” is a modern term based on an old classification of gods, heroes and mythical creatures.

We should note the “new confidence” approach documented recently for obesity work:

Overweight and their newfound confidence

Nicole and Sebastian are overweight and want to make peace with their own bodies. The film is a plea for diversity and against body shaming. Throughout her life, Nicole was discriminated against because of her weight. She’s tired of hiding. Sebastian photographs and draws his naked body. Because he confronts himself and others with it, it is easier for him to accept himself as he is. When he weighed two hundred kilos, Sebastian had photos taken of himself. He wanted to hang them on the fridge to make himself disgusted – as an incentive to lose weight. But to his surprise he realized: No, that’s not disgusting – that’s just me.

37°: Happiness knows no weight, 3-Sat

Documentary magazine • D 2023 • 30 minutes

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