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In parts of Switzerland there was the tradition of the “Apero platters”, the successors of which are now the “Foodboards“ – it is essentially about renaming the same set table, in other words: the mini-buffet.

The aperitif plate is now called the Foodboard. Simply fill a large wooden board with delicious ingredients as nicely as possible. Better than mandala painting.

I came across the Tagblatt article because a nice hummus is also used on the “serving boards” – maybe someone will be inspired and benefit from the opportunity to showcase this form of hospitality. In any case, there are plenty of hummus recipes.

Because I want to limit my time with and for “Fressnet” today, I’ll end with a randomly found quote:

“I’m a pessimist for the present, but an optimist for the future.”

(Wilhelm Busch).

As far as optimism is concerned in this case, it is clear that it is only justified if the plant is cared for regularly, i.e. regularly watered 😉 .

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