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We’ll all be wearing these models soon!

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We’ll all be wearing these models soon!

With the temperatures rising outside, we can’t wait to slip back into our favorite sandals! Bright colors, bold designs or classics with a subtle update – the shoe trends in summer 2023 are fun and more versatile than they have been for a long time. One frowned upon as an absolute fashion no-go, Birkenstock have said goodbye to their old-fashioned image in recent years and have become the new favorite of all fashionistas. If you value style and comfort at the same time, then you’ve come to the right place! Bring your shoe closet up to date and discover below the latest Birkenstock trends for 2023, which we can already look forward to!

Birkenstock trends 2023: These models are hip

Originally thought of as a medical shoe, the Birkenstock is becoming increasingly popular and has earned a permanent place in our shoe cabinets. No wonder – the trend sandals are super comfortable and the selection of cool and exciting designs is now really huge.

The famous shoes were created by the German shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock and the characteristic cork footbed adapts individually to our foot shape. The Birkenstock trends for 2023 are clear proof that style and comfort can work beautifully together.


maxi dresses combine birkenstock trends 2023

When it comes to Birkenstocks, opinions differ – you either love them or you hate them. However, no matter how you feel, no one can deny the feeling of comfort and lightness that sandals offer us. The two-strap Birkenstocks with the cool name “Arizona” are a real classic and will remain with us for the coming season.

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birkenstock trends 2023 trend sandals summer shoe trends 23

Everyone knows Birkenstock Arizona and the sandals score with a high wearing comfort. The sandals are available in both wide and narrow versions, so there is something for everyone. If you like something simple and reserved, you are in good hands with models in black or beige.

birkenstock trends 2023 which sandals are trending

But when it comes to Birkenstock trends for 2023, the bolder, the better! Sandals in bright colors like pink or with a shiny patent look are our new favorite for the summer and literally make our feet shine.


which shoes to go with the midi skirt birkenstock trends 2023

The Birkenstock model “Madrid” was launched in the early 1960s and has since become our favorite shoe. While we used to see sandals mainly in doctor’s offices, this season’s single-strap sandals are much more modern and are therefore among the coolest Birkenstock trends for 2023.

combine birkenstock trends 2023 like madrid birkenstock

The sandals are available for narrow and wide feet and can be found in a wide variety of versions. Classic in black, monochrome, colorful or with statement details – the Madrid Birkenstocks are here to stay and have taken our hearts by storm.

madrid birkenstock trends 2023 summer outfits for vacation

And in the spirit of sustainability, Birkenstock sandals are now also available in vegan leather in addition to the classic versions made of leather, so that there is something for every taste. No matter whether to complement your summer outfits for the holidays or for a comfortable everyday look – everyone will find the right shoe with the Birkenstock trends 2023.


shoe trends summer birkenstock trends 2023

The Birkenstock variant of the popular flip-flop is called “Gizeh” and is also one of the hottest Birkenstock trends for 2023. The comfortable sandals come in all sorts of colors and are also waterproof, which makes them an excellent choice for a beach holiday. Sandals with a braided strap or a wide buckle are particularly popular. Our absolute number 1 for the summer? Flip-flops Birkenstocks in bright bright colors! Think baby pink, sky blue or green – the sandals add great pops of color and make a fantastic addition to our summer wardrobe.

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Birkenstock ballerinas are the shoe trend for 2023

Birkenstock ballerinas shoe trend summer trend shoes 2023

In addition to the timeless classics, the Birkenstock trends for 2023 surprise us with a few new releases. Simple, elegant and also equipped with a super comfortable footbed – Birkenstock ballerinas have become THE shoe trend for the summer and the new favorite of all fashionistas. In contrast to the one and two-strap shoes, the Birkenstock ballerinas look much more elegant and give our summer outfits a feminine, playful touch. Whether with short shorts, midi skirts or airy maxi dresses – Ballerina Birkenstock can be easily combined with absolutely everything from our wardrobe.

Birkenstocks mit Statement-Details

birkenstock trends 2023 summer trend shoes summer outfits pictures

Forget the classic, boring sandals of yesteryear! The Birkenstock trends for 2023 are fun and make a cool statement. Statement details such as rhinestones or large buckles give the classic shoe a modern touch and turn even the simplest look into a great eye-catcher.

How to combine Birkenstocks?

summer outfits for the holiday birkenstock trends 2023

Now that you know the latest Birkenstock trends for 2023, you might be wondering how to style the sandals. The answer to that is actually pretty simple – it’s up to you! Probably the easiest way to combine Birkenstocks is with short shorts. But even as a break in style with feminine skirts and dresses, the otherwise bulky sandals cut a great figure and ensure a feminine look.

birkenstock trends 2023 summer outfits for the holidays

Whether for brunch with the girls, for the beach or even for the office – Birkenstocks work perfectly with every outfit and can be worn for every occasion. So just have fun and experiment with different outfit combinations.

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