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What is bodyweight training and how does it work?

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What is bodyweight training and how does it work?

Calisthenics training is a type of bodyweight workout, which allows you to train multiple muscle groups at the same time. Let’s find out what it consists of and what the benefits are

Il calisthenics it is a type of training that began to spread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These are low-resistance exercises that use your body weight rather than other equipment.

Calisthenics movements help build muscles, and more, as they allow you to train different muscle groups simultaneously. Let’s find out together what it consists of and, above all, what the benefits are.

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Calisthenics: types of exercises

Calisthenics exercises are relatively quick and involve moving most or all of the body. Each exercise should be repeated at least 10-12 times, but it all depends on your physical form.

Some examples of calisthenic exercises I am:

  • jumping jack
  • trunk twists
  • push-up
  • pull-up
  • pull ups
  • sit-up
  • plank
  • you lunge.

Calisthenics: How Many Calories Do You Burn?


The number of calories you burn during a calisthenics workout depends on several things, including your weight and age. On average, exercising for about 30 minutes allows you to burn from 150 to 200 Kcal; obviously, as you increase the intensity, the calories consumed throughout the workout will also increase.

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Calisthenics training: benefits

I benefits of calisthenics they depend on your fitness level. For beginners who are only able to perform 10-12 reps at a time, the workout helps build greater muscle strength.

If you’re already physically fit and want to build strength, you can adjust calisthenics exercises to suit your fitness level. For example, you can add extra weight while exercising, like wearing a weighted belt to do pull-ups.

You can also make the exercises more difficult by changing your body position. An example? Try raising your legs on a bench or step while doing push-ups. In addition to building muscle strength, this type of training can also help you increase your stamina flexibility.

Below you will find other benefits of calisthenics exercise.

Having little time becomes a non-excuse

You can do a 20-minute calisthenics workout using nothing but your living room floor. This means that not having time to train is no longer a problem.

You train multiple muscles at the same time

Calisthenics movements work all muscle groups simultaneously. For example, a pull up not only works the biceps, but also the back and core muscles.

You burn more calories

According to Harvard School of Public HealthMore challenging calisthenics exercises allow you to burn more calories than many others cardio workouts. The reason? This is due to the greater amount of muscle effort your body requires during these exercises.

Reduce the risk of injury

You don’t have to lift weights during this workout, and that involves a reduction of the risk of injury. For this reason, we can say that calisthenics is good for tendons, joints and, of course, muscles. Therefore, thanks to this type of training, you will not only build great strength that will help you in your daily activities, but you will reduce the stress on your joints.

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You increase your muscular endurance

Calisthenics actually increases the resting metabolic rateas well as improve and develop muscular and aerobic endurance. In addition, it helps to develop greater coordination.

Save money and time

Yes, calisthenics workouts can be done with zero equipment, and that translates into saving money and time because you won’t have to join the gym. You can train at home, or wherever you want, without using any fitness equipment or accessories since you will only need the resistance of your body.

Calisthenics: disadvantages


As with all types of exercises and styles of training, calisthenics exercises also have their pros and gods against. Here are the three main disadvantages of this type of workout:

  • leg training is limited
  • some exercise variations are challenging, and not very suitable for beginners
  • the movements are very difficult and it is often difficult to isolate the various muscle groups.

If you want to know which are the top 10 calisthenics exercises, watch this video:

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