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what is white noise and what effects does it have on health

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what is white noise and what effects does it have on health

Il white noise it is characterized by the frequencies from which it is composed, which are perceived by the human ear in equal measure.

It is considered more of a sound than a noise, thanks also to its ability to relax and calm our body even in times of stress.

In particular, in this article we want to focus on white noise, in order to explain the beneficial effects it can have on our body.

White noise: definition and meaning

Il white noise, thanks to its composition of frequencies, allows you to obscure the other sounds present in an environment. Its function is precisely to relax our body, also improving the concentration and intensity of sleep.

This sound guarantees numerous benefits, also demonstrated by various researches. The characteristic is precisely a constancy of frequencies that allow the brain to mask the background noises of everyday life.

Listening to this type of “noise” when you work, study or want to relax, allows you to immerse yourself totally in the present moment, in order to enter the classic flow.

What are the effects of white noise on our body?

Il white noise it has numerous benefits, some of these truly amazing. In particular, this particular sound improves work performance, increases concentration and helps both adults and infants rest.

Sleep is an essential element to keep our performance high and our body healthy. For this we recommend a rest of at least 8 hours a day.

Some examples of this type of noise can be represented by the hair dryer, the crackling of the fire, the patter of the rain, the rustling of the leaves, the flowing of a river and sometimes even the chirping of birds.

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Below is an example of white noise that reproduces the soothing sound of rain.

Does using white noise to sleep have any disadvantages?

Whenever the brain perceives sounds or noises, these are transformed into nerve signals. So if you listen to the sounds deriving from white noise during rest, then our brain will continue to analyze these signals, continuously and uninterruptedly.

Consequently, one wonders if these sounds can block the regular work of our brain.

Many researchers have therefore brought out the potential of white noise, in order to enhance the work performance and sleep of those who listen to these sounds, always specifying that they must never be too loud so as not to disturb brain functions.

It is therefore advisable to experiment, to understand whether or not we are suitable for this type of sounds and what benefits they bring to our body.

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