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When to eat clementines to lower the glycemic index? Grandma’s trick

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According to the advice of some websites, clementines should be eaten as a snack and the next day for lunch. However, we must be careful of the quantity. Don’t eat more than two a day because they have 9% sugar.

How to lower blood sugar with clementines?

You have to be very careful about taking clementines when you have a high blood sugar. Although they contain several types of flavonoids, including nobiletin and espertin, they could provide a number of health benefits, including helping to fight obesity. The sweet taste of clementines is due to carbohydrates, present at a rate of about 10%. It is essentially sucrose which is 70% of the total carbohydrates. The remaining 30% consists in equal parts of fructose and glucose.

Can anyone with high blood sugar eat clementines?

We must be careful of the sucrose that clementines contain because it could increase blood sugar and this stimulates the intervention of the insulin hormone. This could lead to diabetes in the long run. A pathology linked to an excess of this hormone. The fructose, on the other hand, always present in clementines, does not alter glucose because it stops in the liver. This sugar has a glycation power 7 times higher than glucose. This means that it binds much more easily to proteins, leading to alter their function.

Which vegetable lowers blood sugar?

The colors of the vegetables that help to lower it are yellow and green. Spinach, broccoli and artichokes are indicated. Broccoli is rich in an antioxidant that lowers blood sugar levels. This substance is called sulfurafane and according to some scientific research it is able to lower its levels. To lower it, in principle, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fats because they have a negative effect on the well-being of our heart. The most used drug is metformin.

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What are the benefits of clementines?

Clementines are rich in vitamin C which serves to strengthen the immune system. They provide fibers that are good for those suffering from constipation. Consuming them helps lower bad cholesterol levels. They offer potassium which, in addition to being good for those suffering from hypertension, helps those with muscle cramps. They provide bromine. A substance that promotes sleep and relaxation. Here are the minerals that clementines contain:

  • Football.
  • Potassium.
  • Ferro.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Magnesium.
  • Sodium.
  • Bromo.

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