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Why strength exercises are the best for weight loss

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Strength training exercises are the best, in the field of fitness, to reduce body fat e lose weight. This is revealed by the results of a new scientific study conducted by the College of Medicine and the College of Health Sciences of the University of Kentucky, which support the thesis on the beneficial effects of resistance training.

Why strength exercises are the best for weight loss

The study, published in the FASEB Journal highlights how physical exercise dedicated to strength (training with rockers, handlebars, cables or even the calistenichs) is able more than others to regulate the metabolism of fat cells at the molecular level.
The researchers conducted experiments on mice and humans to understand what our response response to mechanical load is and found that muscle cells release particles (called extracellular vesicles). These, which were thought to only serve to selectively eliminate proteins, lipids and RNA, are actually also able to play a role in intercellular communication as well. So the team could find that they have a crucial task in the elimination of fat, giving the correct instructions to the fat cells for activate the mechanism that, in fact, burns fat.

Reduce body fat with weights

The study is very important because it adds a new e definitive explanation of how skeletal muscle communicates with other tissues. John McCarthy, lead author of the research, comments: “This is the first demonstration of how weight training initiates metabolic adaptations in adipose tissue, which is crucial in determining metabolic outcomes throughout the body. The ability of endurance exercise-induced extracellular vesicles to improve fat metabolism has significant clinical implications ”.
It therefore means the possibility, starting from research, of define specific programs for fat elimination and weight loss starting with specific strength training.

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