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you can’t imagine what’s happening

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you can’t imagine what’s happening

Put two rosemary plants in a jar of water: what could happen is something no one could ever imagine. Here, to find out more, you will have to take a look at the next paragraphs. You will discover some beautiful ones.

Rosemary in the jar – Imilanesi.Nanopress.it

Aromatic herbs have a series of very important properties for our body and mind. it is no coincidence, in fact, that many of them are used precisely for infusions and herbal teas which therefore help our body. Rosemary is also important for our body. Below we will discover its advantages and more. Everything you need to know about it can be found below.

What do plant studies say about rosemary in a jar of water?

As we all know rosemary is known by many as a flavor enhancer for foods; it is often used in the kitchen to give a pleasant taste to the palate. Rosemary, however, does not only have optimal properties from the point of view of taste; it is also very important for the health of our body and mind.

This is what this article will talk about rosemary and its properties that make it a product you should always have in your pantry.


Very well known is rosemary water which, in fact, has excellent properties beneficial properties. What are these properties? And how can rosemary water be obtained in a few simple steps?

Let’s go step by step.

As mentioned rosemary water it is known and used precisely for its beneficial characteristics. In fact, there are many people who rely on this water and who use it regularly in order to acquire precisely these characteristics. It is used by many as an infusion and herbal tea and, therefore, drunk regularly. For many others, this infusion is used as a product for their skin or even for their hair.

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In short, the uses are many just as there are many people who use it regularly.

In addition to the various benefits known by many, there are also studies that certify the beneficial properties of rosemary and, therefore, also of rosemary water. What are we talking about?

Recently, a study was published that was conducted in the United Kingdom. This study showed that the rosemary, in addition to having beneficial properties for the skin and scalp, it also has excellent properties properties for the human brain. According to this study, in fact, the use of rosemary allows you to rejuvenate the brain for eleven years.

We know, in fact, that the human brain deteriorates over the years and, in fact, some cognitive abilities tend to be lost during old age. For example memory tends to be less efficient as well as skills such as attention or even spatial orientation. All this is inevitable and in fact happens to everyone, some more and some less.

Put two rosemary plants in a jar of water: what are the characteristics of rosemary?

According to this study, however, drinking rosemary water every day improves mental and cognitive abilities by 15%. In short, drinking every day rosemary water it is possible to delay what is cognitive and mental deterioration so as to have excellent skills even with advancing age.

At this point a question arises: what are the characteristics of rosemary? In short, what does rosemary have that allows you to rejuvenate your eleven-year-old brain?

It is a legitimate question also because many would not believe that, actually, only by drinking this water can one have such important advantages. In reality, the aforementioned study allows us to answer this question and remove the spontaneous doubts that would arise.

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Indeed, rosemary contains the eucalyptol which is an antioxidant. Being an antioxidant, it allows to reduce the inflammations which are therefore also created in the nervous system; it is precisely this that then creates aging and the deterioration of cognitive functions.

That’s why rosemary is great for reducing brain aging. To this are added other beneficial properties such as reducing stress, improving memory and therefore all cognitive abilities.

In short, rosemary for this very reason is excellent for helping our brain function better and with good results.

In addition to the antioxidant characteristics, rosemary also has other properties for our body. Indeed, it is an excellent natural diuretic which therefore helps us to expel toxins and excess liquids. That’s why it’s often used in teas and infusions to give the body its own balance and to quickly expel what creates swelling.

How to prepare rosemary water: here is the answer

At this point, including all the properties of rosemary, it is natural to understand how to prepare it rosemary water which has so many beneficial properties. It is certainly a very fast and also inexpensive procedure. What needs to be done?

What you have to do is bring to the boil a spoonful of dried rosemary leaves mixed with two glasses of water.

Rosemary leaves in water
Rosemary leaves-Imilanesi.nanopress.it

Once the water and the rosemary have come to a boil, you just have to let the infusion rest for twelve hours. Once this time has elapsed, you can filter the water and drink it. As you can see, therefore, it is a very simple procedure that you can do in a few minutes. However, this is a procedure that will allow you to obtain something that is really good for our body, but as seen, also for our brain. Why then give up something so great for us and our well-being? As seen, you won’t have to make who knows what efforts and yet the result can give you great satisfaction, in every sense.

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