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160 years: Eferdinger Regionalbank celebrates its anniversary

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160 years: Eferdinger Regionalbank celebrates its anniversary

Citizens of Eferding laid the foundation for the Sparkasse Eferding in 1864 by founding a savings bank association. Today the regional bank operates with a total of twelve branches in the Eferding, Grieskirchen and Schärding districts and employs 123 people. Since 2020, Sparkasse Eferding-Peuerbach-Waizenkirchen has been chaired by Michaela Schwinghammer-Hausleithner. The 49-year-old from Linz can point to good business development on the anniversary. Most recently, the regional bank, which has around 33,000 private and business customers, generated a profit of 8.3 million euros. “The loan volume increased by five percent to 766 million euros, and savings investments increased by 14 percent to 1.4 billion euros due to the good interest rates,” says Schwinghammer-Hausleithner.

The region also benefits from the bank’s growth course, because since 2021 the financial institution has been distributing five percent of its annual profits, this year 410,000 euros, to charitable projects. This time there was a record with 89 submissions from clubs, organizations, communities, schools and private individuals. An independent jury has selected 35 large and small projects that will receive funding. They will be presented to the public soon.

Some of the total 123 employees with CEO Michaela Schwinghammer-Hausleithner (4th from left) and CEO Gerald Schneeberger (far left)

Filialneubau in Hartkirchen

Since 2017, around two million euros have been invested in the modernization and maintenance of the branches, and further projects are in the pipeline. “We will probably open a new branch in Hartkirchen in 2025, which will become a modern customer communication center,” announces Schwinghammer-Hausleithner. Board director Gerald Schneeberger emphasizes that great importance will continue to be placed on optimally equipping the branches in the future. Over the next two to three years, the customer center at the Eferdinger Sparkasse in the listed building on the town square will be modernized.

Regarding the current economic development, Schwinghammer-Hausleithner says that some corporate customers are currently having a difficult time. “But I hope that we can get through these uncertain times together.” The demand for loans has decreased, “the new construction business that we have had in the past five years is currently not there, customers are waiting.” Customers are currently investing more in building renovations.

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