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4.6 magnitude quake hits the Aeolian Islands in Sicily

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4.6 magnitude quake hits the Aeolian Islands in Sicily

An earthquake measuring 4.6 was recorded by Ingv at 8.12 at a depth of 3 km in the Aeolian sea, south of Vulcano. The shock was felt by people throughout the province of Messina and in the capital. No damage is reported. At 8.18 another shock was recorded off the coast of the Aeolian Islands with a magnitude of 2.

The earthquake felt in Sicily this morning is part of a seismic swarm that is affecting the whole area of ​​the Aeolian Islands: at the moment, other less intense shocks are occurring in the area, even if not felt by the population. The last, in order of time, at 10.38 with magnitude 1.2. Previously, Ingv recorded tremors: at 8.18, magnitude 2.0; at 8.19, magnitude 1.7; at 8.54, magnitude 1.8. All the tremors occurred in the sea, off the island of Vulcano, with hypocenters varying between 6 and 9 kilometers deep.

Following the more intense event, checks are underway by the municipal civil protection. At the moment no damage to people, while collapses of portions of the ridge are recorded in Valle Muria, Pianogreca and Mendolita – S. Nicola, on the island of Lipari: no houses are involved. Plaster collapses in the hospital in Lipari and in some houses also in Vulcano. Broken glass is reported almost everywhere on the two islands.

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