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9 staff at Nanjing International Airport confirmed that more than 250 flights were affected

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During the regular nucleic acid testing and sampling by the staff of Nanjing Lukou International Airport, 9 people tested positive on the 20th, and more than 250 flights were affected.

Xinhua News Agency reported that on the morning of the 20th, the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Jiangning District, Nanjing received a report from the Lukou International Airport Epidemic Prevention Special Class. Among the samples of the Lukou International Airport staff’s regular nucleic acid test samples, the test results were positive and involved work. The personnel are mainly personnel involved in airport flight security, including personnel in ground service, cleaning and other positions.

The relevant personnel at the airport in Nanjing have been quarantined and re-sampled for testing. As of 6 pm on the 20th, 9 positive results have been released, and other samples are being tested.

It is understood that Nanjing Lukou International Airport plans to take off and land 405 flights on the 20th. As of 11 pm on the 20th, 105 flights have been cancelled and 151 flights have been delayed.

According to the news, the Jiangsu provincial authorities have carried out epidemiological tracing, isolation control, nucleic acid testing, medical treatment, environmental disinfection, etc., and have issued assistance investigation reports to relevant provinces and cities. They are currently tracking close contacts and carrying out other epidemic treatments. jobs.


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