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A call for reform and flexibility to meet the challenges of the health system in Morocco

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A call for reform and flexibility to meet the challenges of the health system in Morocco

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Khaled Ait Taleb, Minister of Health and Social Protection, revealed the constraints and challenges facing the health system in Morocco over the past years, which have accumulated to a large and disturbing extent, according to estimates from the Ministry of Health, which showed disturbing and frightening numbers.

Ait Taleb explained, in a joint press conference with Abdellatif Meraoui, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, yesterday afternoon in Rabat, that the issue of overcoming this miserable situation requires years of reform, given the acute shortage of human resources, which is directly linked to the formation of frameworks. Medical.

The Minister linked the acute shortage of doctors in the Moroccan health system, which has reached 34,000 male and female doctors, to the weakness of training centers in medical colleges that produce a limited number of graduate students annually, which is not commensurate with the requirements of the health system.

The government official stressed that any negligence on the part of the government in this issue, which constitutes a societal dilemma in the country, is considered a blow to the royal workshops related to universalizing social protection directly linked to the health system.

In this context, he pointed out that, as a doctor and professor, and based on his experience in this field for decades, he has been following the path of students since the nineties, and senses the opportunities they have today in terms of qualifications and training, highlighting that the training they are receiving at the present time, and with the new modernization, It may be among the best training in the world, but the Moroccan product known throughout the world, and which most Western countries are flocking to attract, will not be the subject of a bidding in the context of quality, in order to achieve personal goals at the expense of the public interest of the country.

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He stressed that His Majesty’s vision of implementing the contents of social protection was specific to the Moroccan people, rejecting that the medical training and training included in this context in Moroccan universities and colleges be directed to serve other purposes outside the homeland.

Ait Taleb revealed that the Moroccan government spends an amount of one million dirhams on each student during his or her years of study, in order to cover the shortage in human resources in the health sector, and not to export these graduates abroad for free.

The minister called for the importance of dealing flexibly with these issues, not tolerating delays in studying or exams or disrupting them, staying away from bidding with students, and avoiding deviation in the arena. Pointing out that countries in general have dealt with flexibility in this context, because it is necessary to move to a new system that is compatible with technological developments and responds to the needs of citizens.

In another context, Ait Taleb stressed that the health system must be attractive to foreigners, that this reform is related to state sovereignty, and must have a positive impact on the national and Moroccan interest.

Khaled Ait Talib concluded his speech by saying, “There should not be a barrier to those wishing to move abroad, but rather there must be incentive and attraction in our country, and we must open the doors to those who wish to come to Morocco to strengthen the health system and work in it.”

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