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A gossip for life and peace. Istmina, March 8, 2024.

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The Pacific Women’s Route announced that as of March 6, women from 10 municipalities of Putumayo, 18 of Antioquia, 4 of Bolívar, 6 of Santander, 10 of Cauca and Bogotá begin their route to Istmina, Chocó due to the mobilization of Chocoan women: A permanent gossip for life and peace.

On March 7, women from 5 municipalities of the Choco territory, 12 municipalities of Antioquia, 7 of the Coffee Region, 6 of Valle del Cauca, will join the caravan, and on Friday, March 8 – International Women’s Rights Day – 11 municipalities More from Chocó will join, thus bringing together in Istmina more than 1,700 women in a permanent Comadreo for life and peace.

In addition to this, on March 7 there will be a symbolic act, a preamble to the mobilization on the Quibdó boardwalk that will have the participation of the Chocó Government and at 3:00 pm in Caravana, they will advance towards the municipality of Istmina. The next day, starting at 8:00 am, Gloria Isabel Cuartas Montoya, director of the Peace Agreement Implementation Unit, will accompany the mobilization and the central event; Alejandra Miller, director of the Reintegration and Normalization Agency; Nubia Carolina Córdoba Curí, governor of Chocó; Erik Norman counselor – head of cooperation at the Swedish Embassy; Luis Enrique Murillo, regional ombudsman in Chocó; delegates from the office of the High Commissioner for Peace and local institutions, who have been permanently involved in the mobilization, supporting the defense of women’s rights, within the framework of the 190th birthday of the municipality of Istmina.

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This will be a symbolic commitment that, with the voices of resistance, truth, justice and reparation of Afro-descendant, indigenous, peasant, rural and mestizo women, will affirm that the path to peace does not come from weapons or the practices of war. . Because violence continues to violate their rights; Today there are more than 28,000 people displaced in the territory and recently the Ombudsman’s Office announced an alert for the security of ethnic communities, reporting that the constant clashes between armed groups affected 40 families from the Chambacú community, jurisdiction of the municipality of Sipí in Chocó. .

Each step of the women in this mobilization will be pacifist, will sow hope and make history, which is why the importance of respecting the humanitarian corridor along the various roads and communication routes that lead to the department of Chocó is reiterated.

For a territory free of fear, war and violence

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