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[A must-see over the wall]Countries scramble to express their stance to frighten the top CCP | G7+ US-Russia Summit | Yang Jiechihu

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[The Epoch Times, June 12, 2021]The Epoch Times sorts out the articles that readers must read every day:

1. Zhong Yuan: The direction of the G7+ US-Russia talks is clear and the CCP is in a hurry
On June 11, Yang Jiechi, Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Communist Party of China, suddenly had a phone call with US Secretary of State Blincol. Is the relationship between China and the US going to take a turn for the better? On the contrary, the G7+ US-Russia summit began to take place, and the CCP saw that it was put on the fire again. This time it was really anxious.

2. Analysis: Italy’s China policy changes and anti-communist alliance takes shape
The relationship between the EU and the Chinese Communist Party has deteriorated. After taking office, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi blocked a Chinese-funded acquisition of the semiconductor industry and was accused of being the driving force behind the cooling of EU-China relations. Taiwan scholar Zheng Qinmo analyzed that there are five major reasons for Italy’s major change in the CCP’s policy, highlighting the failure of the CCP’s calculation of uniting Europe to resist the United States, and the formation of a global anti-CCP alliance.

3. 29 Dalian Falun Gong practitioners and their families were kidnapped in three days
From June 1 to 3, the Dalian Public Security Bureau of Liaoning Province dispatched police to kidnap Falun Gong practitioners and their families in Dalian and ransack their homes. According to incomplete statistics, at least 29 Falun Gong practitioners and their families were kidnapped.

4. The G7 summit opens on Friday, China is the most pressing issue
CNN reported on Friday (June 11) that the ideological challenges posed by China and its rise will become one of the most pressing issues for the leaders of the Group of Seven in the UK on Friday.

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5. The quarantine point in the Nansha residential area of ​​Guangzhou triggered public protests
The Guangzhou epidemic continues to spread. In Nansha District, Guangzhou, where there are schools and concentrated residents, the Chinese Communist Party has forcibly set up a quarantine point for people infected with the new crown virus (CCP virus), triggering mass protests.

6. Shengli Oilfield engineer was kidnapped. US congressman appeals to the CCP for release
Zhou Deyong, a senior geological engineer at the Institute of Geological Sciences in Shengli Oilfield, China’s second largest crude oil production base, last saw his wife and son in Florida six months ago. Later, he flew back to China to take care of his 87- and 90-year-old parents. On April 23, he was arrested at his home in Dongying, Shandong.

7.[Interview]Former Party Media Senior Official: Rebellious Conscience and No Regrets in Exile for 30 Years
Mr. Cheng Kai used to be the chief reporter in Shenzhen for the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece “People’s Daily” and the editor-in-chief of “Hainan Daily”. However, during the 1989 school wave, he chose to stand on the side of facts and humanity in a difficult choice. Violating the CCP’s editorial principles, he was immediately subjected to a series of suppressions and was forced to go into exile in the United States.

8. The second phase of the investigation of the origin of the virus, the United States and China confront again
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a telephone conversation with Yang Jiechi, the top diplomat of the Chinese Communist Party, on Friday (June 11). According to the statement issued by both parties, Brinken pressured China to allow a team of WHO experts to go to China to conduct a second phase investigation of the origin of the virus. Yang Jiechi resisted the claim that the virus came from the Wuhan laboratory.

9.[Frontline interview]Material shortage changed slightly after Liwan old man shouted
The outbreak of the CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia) in Guangzhou has continued. Dozens of communities have been closed for management. In the past few days, there have been news that residents of the closed communities have been out of food and materials are short of supplies and are seeking help. It was not until on the 9th that an old man who was sealed at home shouted “to die” to the officials who came to inspect, that the supply of materials in the Heyuan community in Liwan District improved somewhat.

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10. Interview with Li Lanju: Hong Kong people’s awakening gradually becomes a trend of resistance to communism
Li Lanju, a Hongkonger who personally experienced the June Fourth Movement and a witness to the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Over the past 32 years, she has kept her mission in mind and has persisted in spreading the truth about June 4th. After experiencing the Umbrella Movement and the return, the painful memories and thoughts year after year made her awaken to the root of the tragedy and finally understood the essence of the CCP.

11. The FBI calls for more active use of the “Foreign Agent Law” to counter the influence of the CCP
US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray said on Thursday (10th) that the FBI advocates a more active use of the “Foreign Agent Registration Act” (FARA) to counter the CCP’s influence in the United States.

12. Brinken Yang Jiechi spoke in the US-China statement and said different things
On Friday (June 11), US Secretary of State Blincol had a telephone conversation with Yang Jiechi, the top diplomat of the Communist Party of China, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, and director of the Foreign Affairs Office. After the meeting, the two parties issued separate statements, but the contents were quite different. The Chinese statement did not explicitly mention the five major issues that the US is concerned about and need to be resolved by China.

13. Wang Youqun: What happened to the 15,000 spies in Yan’an?
The reason why the CCP captured 15,000 spies out of nowhere in the “rescue” campaign of the Yan’an rectification movement. The key is that the CCP is an organization controlled by the “specter of communism”. It puts “party spirit” above everything else. In a life-and-death political movement, party members must use “party spirit” to defeat humanity and destroy humanity in order to survive. Party spirit turns many party members into “inhuman”!

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14.[True Words]Liang Zhenying fights for chief executive?Cheng Xiang: No need to act
Cheng Xiang pointed out that Liang Zhenying recently criticized Carrie Lam in a high-profile manner. “689 vs. 777” had a dialogue between the two people. Liang’s also “competed to protect the lord”. This shows how much Liang “worked hard to prepare for the election.” And Carrie Lam “is entirely to please Beijing” by pushing the revised regulations to make a mess of Hong Kong. He Zhuguo was angry and scolded her as “not strange at all.” As for whether He really supports Liang Zhenying, “I have no way to know, I don’t have the information to judge.”

15. CCP Crime Record No. 24: “Puppet Township Chief” Killed Unjustly
After hastily buried his shot father, Yao Zhibang’s grandmother set up an incense case at home and burned incense for a week. The grandmother was extremely sad for her son’s death, crying and complaining every night, crying about her son’s wrongs, crying about her past. The government sent plain clothes at the door of Yao Zhibang’s house to monitor the family’s every move. When they heard grandmother’s cry, they knocked on his door and threatened venomously. Grandma heard the knock on the door and was too frightened to cry.

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