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ACPM and gasoline will have a new increase

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ACPM and gasoline will have a new increase

As of today, a new increase in the price of gasoline and ACPM began to take effect in the national territory, as confirmed by the Ministry of Finance.

As established by the national authorities, the gallon of gasoline increased by 26 pesos (marginal increase) and that of Diesel suffered an adjustment of 97 pesos.

According to the information established in the circular of the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission, Creg, in which the variation in gasoline and ACPM prices is reported, this adjustment was defined “considering the value of the income to the producer or “importer of Regular Motor Gasoline, that of ACPM-Diesel and that of biofuels intended for mixing with fossil fuels, established by the Ministries of Finance and Public Credit and of Mines and Energy.”

In the case of gasoline, several components increased in value and that is why the adjustment was necessary. One of those is ethanol, a biofuel whose price rose by 262 pesos.

On the other hand, biodiesel, which is a key component in the composition of the ACPM, also increased its price by 969 pesos.

As established by the authorities, the increase in the price of fuel begins to take effect on Saturday, April 13, 2024. Thus, a gallon of gasoline can cost 15,446 pesos on average, while Diesel remained at approximately $9,315. It should be noted that these values ​​vary according to each territory.

New gasoline and ACPM prices in the main cities of Colombia

In Bogotá, gasoline is 15,861 pesos and the ACPM is 9,614.

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In Medellín gasoline remains at 15,787 and the ACPM at 9,634.

In Cali, gasoline is 15,871 pesos, while the ACPM is $9,749.

In Barranquilla gasoline now costs $15,517 and $9,308.

In Cartagena gasoline reached 15,477 pesos and Diesel 9,274.

In Montería, gasoline and diesel cost 15,727 and 9,524 pesos, respectively.

In Bucaramanga the price of gasoline is $15,632 and the ACPM is 9,376.

One of the highest values ​​is recorded in Villavicencio. Gasoline remained at 15,961 pesos and the ACPM at 9,714.

In Pereira, gasoline was $15,812, while Diesel was $9,692.

In Manizales, fuel prices increased to 15,837 and 9,679 pesos.

In Ibagué gasoline now costs 15,783 pesos and ACPM 9,605.

In Pasto the lowest values ​​are. A gallon of gasoline costs 13,601 pesos and ACPM costs $8,613.

In Cúcuta, a lower cost is also reported than in the rest of the cities, gasoline was 13,928 pesos and the ACPM was $7,307.

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