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Adriano Panatta live on TV: “I have Covid and I’m in quarantine, but I’m fine”

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Adriano Panatta

The broadcast on Raidue in connection from the tennis champion’s home. Meanwhile, the epidemic is slowing down throughout the province but at a very slow pace

TREVISO. The announcement arrived live on Raidue, shortly after lunchtime on Sunday: “I too am positive for the coronavirus.” And another sporting legend joins the large list of champions and former champions infected by Covid. This time it is Adriano Panatta, Treviso by adoption, expected as a guest at “Quelli che il calcio” yesterday afternoon but connected from home to say, in fact, that the positivity had forced him to give up his presence in the studio.

Panatta reassured everyone by explaining that at the moment he does not have any major symptoms, he will remain in home isolation waiting to become negativized. Many messages of solidarity from the world of sport and entertainment. The former tennis player is one of the 75,140 Treviso people who tested positive for the swab: the figure is from last night, and recorded an increase of 116 units compared to the day before.

The situation

The trend of the epidemic in the province of Treviso records a slowdown, but less consistent than expected, especially after the red zone period. So much so that yesterday the director general of Ulss 2, Francesco Benazzi, said he was “worried”, because “there are few signs of improvement, especially as regards hospital admissions”. But let’s go in order. The number of new infections remains low, under two hundred for four days. But schools have reopened for a week, and quarantined classes (i.e. with at least two cases of Covid within them) are growing at an average of one per day. The signs for a resurgence of the virus, therefore, are there, even if the vaccination campaign is acting as a barrier especially for the population groups most at risk, ie the over 80, guests and operators of the RSA, medical staff. And it also works as a barrier to mortality, securing the most fragile: yesterday there was only one other death from Covid, bringing the total from the beginning of the emergency in the province of Treviso to 1,725. The healed, on the other hand, are close to 70,000: they are 69,999. The situation in hospitals is stable. Last night there were 304 people hospitalized in hospitals in the province of Treviso, of which 40 in intensive care (non-critical areas slightly down, intensive care stable). What worries the healthcare company, however, is the saturation of semi-intensive therapies, where the “turnover” between admissions and discharges is much slower than in the first wave of the epidemic.

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Admissions to the limit

“Unfortunately, we have several young people who remain hospitalized in semi-intensive care for quite a long time, in this way we are unable to discharge quickly and find free beds more quickly” comments the director Benazzi.

“I’m worried, it means that some patients come and get worse. In intensive care we still have free places in Treviso and several (about ten free) in Vittorio Veneto. But the time for resignation is long. The average is 15-20 days in semi-intensive therapy, up from 7-10 days during the first wave. Among them there are many young people, 45 and 50 years old, it takes a long time for the resignation, even if fortunately they are subjects who then recover ». –

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