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Air flights, triple-digit increases. The Rome-Paris and Rome-London cases in the last year

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Air flights, triple-digit increases.  The Rome-Paris and Rome-London cases in the last year

If there is one thing that consumer associations agree on, it is the maxi-price increases for flights abroad. The ranking of the 30 biggest increases, drawn up by the National Consumers Union on the basis of the data released by Istat (which confirmed inflation in July at + 7.9%, with the shopping cart at + 9.1%, at maximums since 1984), shows a podium dominated by the three-digit increase in airline tickets. In fact, European flights recorded an annual increase of 168.4%, followed by intercontinental travel (+ 125.7%). It is not so much better for those who choose to travel by plane within Italy, with domestic flights that are placed in 11th place with a double-digit increase of almost 27%.

The price increases on the Rome-Paris and Rome-London routes

Who provides some concrete examples is the Codacons. «Last year, in the summer, flights to major European cities such as London and Paris could also be found for 80/90 euros round trip from Rome with low cost. Today they cost much more and to save money, you need to choose secondary airports served by low cost ones ». Let’s take some examples. «This year, with departure 16 August and return 23 August from Rome, to fly from the capital to London we start from 187 euros (with combined option Fiumicino-Gatwick one way, Stansted-Ciampino one way back). While a Rome-Paris costs at least 286 euros “.

From Ryanair farewell to flights at 10 euros

After all, it is no coincidence that in this era of three-figure price increases, Ryanair has decided to abolish airline tickets at 10 euros. To put a cross on it was Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Leary. To weigh is the “expensive energy”, driven by the war in Ukraine which led to a sharp increase in fuel which is reflected in air fares. “I don’t think there will be more flights for 10 euros. Our average rate was 40 euros last year, we will go towards 50 in the next five years. Our super discounted promotional rates, those at 1 euro, 0.99 or even 9.99, I think will not be seen for a number of years, ”O’Leary said in a long interview with the BBC.

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The rumors at the top of the price increases related to the holidays

Still according to the National Consumers Union, looking at the top 10 items related to holidays alone, they lead the ranking of hotel and motel price increases, with an increase of 16.6%, followed by pensions (+ 9.4%) and packages holiday in Italy (+ 5.7%). The expensive prices do not spare even those who choose to go out for lunch or dinner: it costs more to eat at the restaurant (+ 4.8%), but also to opt for a meal in a pizzeria (+ 5.4%) or a hamburger at the fast food or take away (+ 5.2%).

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