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Al-Sami, the highest political member, spreads the laundry of the Minister of Commerce under the dome of Parliament

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Al-Sami, the highest political member, spreads the laundry of the Minister of Commerce under the dome of Parliament

Yamanat – Special

Sheikh Sultan Al-Sami, a member of the Supreme Political Council, revealed violations and transgressions committed by the Minister of Trade and Industry in the caretaker government in Sana’a, Muhammad Sharaf Al-Mutahhar.

This came in a session of the House of Representatives that was not broadcast, which was held on the evening of Wednesday, February 21, 2024, in the presence of Minister Al-Mutahhar, against whom the House had previously voted last Monday to withdraw confidence due to his refusal to come to the Council hall to respond to members’ inquiries, before he withdrew the withdrawal of confidence after the presence of the Minister. .

Before the members of the Council, Sheikh Al-Sami revealed violations and transgressions committed by the minister, calling on the Council to take measures against the minister, pointing out the minister’s refusal to implement judicial rulings issued against him.

The Council assigned a joint parliamentary committee composed of the Trade and Industry Committee and the Finance Committee to receive responses from Minister Al-Mutahhar, meet with whomever it deems appropriate, and investigate what Sheikh Al-Sami’i reported regarding the transgressions and violations committed by the Minister, which are supported by dozens of documents, complaints, and supporting documents.

The Council gave the Minister until next Saturday to respond and comment on what was reported, provided that the Joint Parliamentary Committee provides the Council with a report on its findings.

In the context of his speech to the Council, Sheikh Al-Sami said that when officials persist in injustice and corruption, and in exhausting and humiliating the people, the state will disappear. Stressing that injustice and corruption destroy countries.

Sheikh Sultan Al Sami pointed out that if the state is to continue, the constitution and the law must be respected. Pointing out that the Prime Minister issues several directives and the Minister of Trade and Industry does not implement any of them.

Before the roof falls

Al-Sama’i confirmed that in this way, the ceiling will fall on everyone’s heads. Warning all partners in power that the ceiling will fall on all of their heads if corruption continues in this manner in state institutions.

If it weren’t for Gaza

He stated that had it not been for intervention in the Palestine issue, the situation would have been different. Explaining that the plan was great. Revealing the presence of people hidden within the authority who work for the benefit of the enemies, with their consent, knowledge, or stupidity…noting that there is someone directing them. This is a clear indication that Sanaa’s authority has become infiltrated.

A minister refuses to implement a court ruling

Sheikh Al-Sami presented to the Council a document containing a judicial ruling issued by the Commercial Court against the Minister of Trade and Industry, Muhammad Sharaf Al-Mutahhar, indicating that this ruling was not implemented. He said that the ruling was not implemented because the minister considers himself above the judiciary, above the law, above the government, and above everything. He asked: Who supports this minister? However, he replied: “We do not know..!!.” He added, “This case is one of the issues that we have received.” Noting that whoever seeks to dominate the people will fall on his head… tyrants…!

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Zionist goods in Sanaa

Al-Sami’i revealed that while the import of American and Zionist goods was prohibited, these goods and other goods coming from the aggression countries are present in Sana’a and the governorates. Believing that the countries that helped Sanaa manufacture missiles and drones are prohibited from entering their goods. Indicating that the directives of the Ansar Allah leader are being implemented in reverse. He said: The goods of America and (Israel) enter, and the goods of Iran and Oman are prohibited from entering..!! Confirming that months have passed and the carriers of these goods have been detained at the ports. Pointing out that the Minister of Commerce refuses to allow its entry.

He appointed a minister instead of referring him to the prosecution

Al-Sama’i presented a document revealing that the Minister of Trade and Industry was referred to the Public Funds Prosecution, when he was deputy director of the gas company, and said: Instead of being tried, he became a minister…!

One factory is exempted and another is closed

He also presented another document revealing an exemption from customs duties for a cigarette factory. He said: This factory does not know whose right it is..?! He continued: They are closing a cigarette factory for the Hail Saeed Group that was paying four billion riyals to the public treasury per month..!! Addressing the Minister of Commerce, he said: Exempt the milk and exempt the rice if you are exempt..!! He addressed the representatives by saying: O representatives of the people, know who these people work for..!

National capital migrates

Sheikh Al-Sami revealed that 75% of the national capital left for Saudi Arabia due to the actions of the Minister of Trade and Industry. He said that Yemen would remain for Minister Al-Mutahhar and those he appointed. Noting that some merchants are now trying to move their factories. Explaining that merchants cannot talk about their suffering, and whoever does speak will be imprisoned. Stressing that if we do not stand with this hungry people in this circumstance, we will be held accountable in this world and the afterlife.

A minister usurps the powers of the judiciary

He also submitted a document containing the closure of a commercial store, although the judiciary is concerned with the closure. The Minister of Commerce said he was closing companies, including “Shehab Company,” which he closed for a month.. And she asks: Who are you to close it..?! And it follows: In a judiciary… in a state… if everyone closes his head, we will return to the rule of the jungle. He pointed out that a company that is a hundred years old is older than our fathers, and this minister comes and closes it..!

Dismissal of cadres

Al-Samaie pointed out that the Minister of Trade and Industry appoints unqualified people in government offices, for example, he appointed a geography teacher in the Standards and Metrology Authority. He said: There was a doctor in specifications and standards who was his enemy..!!

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Closing a company without a court ruling

Among the violations and abuses committed by the Minister of Commerce, Al-Mutahhar: Sheikh Sultan Al-Sami’i said: The minister closed the Abdullah Abbas Al-Khuzaie Company, on charges that the company was selling American and Zionist goods, while those goods were not available in the company’s stores.

Agencies handed over to smugglers

Al-Sami revealed that Minister Al-Mutahhar took commercial agencies from merchants that had been in place for decades and handed them over to smugglers..!! He said: I found people in the street crying.. I swear to God, they were crying.. He took agencies from them that were decades old and handed them over to smugglers..!! I wish I could hand it over to dealers.

The commercial register is renewed annually

He pointed out that the commercial register is renewed every five years according to the law, but the minister issued a decision from his head to renew it every year. He said: The merchant will continue to worry for 12 months if he is able to renew the register, then he will return again and worry again at the beginning of the new year. Considering this to be a destruction of national capital. He said: Supplement the national capital. Pointing out that national capital goes to Saudi Arabia, Abyssinia and Oman.

Fines without legal documents

Al-Sama’i accused influential people in the Ministry of Trade and Industry of taking money under the name of fines from grocery stores, institutions and commercial companies, and if they cut collection bonds for them, they are not issued by the Ministry of Finance and are not supplied to the state. He gave an example of what is happening, that they charge 500,000 to 1 million riyals for every tanker coming from the governorates under the control of the other party. Noting that these fines are added to the citizen’s costs, considering that these fines are illegal, and the bonds with which they are imposed are not issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Blackmailing merchants

Al-Sami’i also revealed the blackmail operations that merchants are subjected to, noting that this blackmail is being carried out at the expense of this hungry nation that faces great powers, noting that this is happening while our friends are eating us from the inside.

Minister imposes prices

In the context of his talk about blackmail, Sheikh Sultan Al-Samii pointed out that Minister Al-Mutahhar sets prices without standards. You ask: Why do you set prices out of your head when you are not supported by anything..?! He added: This is blackmail that we will not accept today or tomorrow. The minister stays or goes. The prime minister stays or goes. The president stays or goes. He said: We represent forty million, and we do not represent a group, party, or geographic region.

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The Minister prohibits credit sales

Al-Samai pointed out that, based on the directives of the Minister of Trade and Industry, buying and selling on credit was prohibited during the new year, with the justification for the problems that occurred between merchants and citizens over debts, which resulted in the death of twenty people, indicating that the Minister’s directives stipulated prohibiting dealing with debt, and whoever violates this will bear the burden. A fine of fifty thousand riyals for each violation. Pointing out that the law does not give the minister the right to issue these directives, and any disputes in this regard take place through the police departments. Al-Sami’i said: For God’s sake, what is this?! Is this a president of a court or a head of state?! This is crazy..!!! What’s wrong with you..?! Noting that fees and fines are imposed by law. He considered what the minister did to be a constitutional and legal violation. Then he addressed him by saying: “Who are you..?!” He reminded him that the Qur’an said, “If you enter into a debt, write it down.”

Seizing the Chamber of Commerce and rejecting a court ruling

Al-Sama’i revealed that the Minister of Commerce, Al-Mutahhar, seized the Chamber of Commerce in the capital secretariat along with his cronies, and refused to implement the ruling of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court. He said that these violations prompted national capital to emigrate. Warning that if this continues, we will reach the day when we will have nothing to eat. Explaining that counterfeit goods are entering the country, while the original goods are seized at the ports.

Goods held at ports

He asks why hundreds of tankers are detained at the ports, noting that some of the goods carried by the tankers are subject to damage when they are continually exposed to the heat of the sun. He said that this means, “Oh merchant, go to you from Yemen.” He continued by saying: There are tankers that have been seized for four months, while the goods of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are in full force and everywhere…?!!! Why..?! Why does the leader direct one thing and they direct another..?!

Refusal to renew company licenses

Sheikh Al-Sami also revealed that there are companies, some of which are seventy years old, and the minister refuses to renew their commercial registration…! Why..?! Ask him why he refuses to renew..?! He continued: On an affair that he would present to someone else.

A company that supported Gaza and was punished

Sheikh Sultan Al-Sami revealed that one company supported Gaza with two million food baskets, but the ministry punished it. He expressed his astonishment at this behavior. Addressing Minister Al-Mutahhar, he said: Tell us who you are..? Why is this happening!!

Who appointed the minister..?!

Al-Sami pointed out that Minister of Commerce Al-Mutahhar was appointed when Saudi Arabia announced the facilities, and said: Connect the two events..!!

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