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Amneris Treco and Leandro Campos won the Trasnocho Young Directors Festival

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After the presentation of the 6 finalist productions and a total of 33 performances over three months, the ninth edition Trasnocho Young Directors Festival It ended. This Sunday, March 3, the awards jury announced that Leandro Campos and Amneris Treco were winners.

Los panel members made up of Ana García Freychet, in charge of the cultural mission of the French Embassy; the cultural journalist Zara Fermín, the production director and costume designer Eva Ivanyi, the actor, director and theater producer Héctor Manrique and the theater producer Douglas Palumbo decided to give the first prize ex aequo.

According to the verdict, Amneris Treco She is the winner “for developing her vision as a creator through a proposal supported by an outstanding staging together with a solid group of performers, which allows her to put together, in a playful way, a risky and solid work.”

Fando and Lis It is one of the most representative works of the theater of the absurd, which raises the impossibility that exists in a part of the human being to be effective with communication. The work tells the journey of Fando and Lis, a couple who has been trying to reach a wonderful place called Tar for a long time. During the development of the story, the audience will be able to connect with each of the characters.

Treco’s assembly stands out for its complex stagingjoining in addition a male cast integrated by: Jeizer Ruiz, Abilio Torres, Erick Palacios, Julian Izquierdo, Alejandro Miguez and Pedro Medina.

Amneris Treco | Photo Courtesy

Leandro Campos was the other winner with The ham girl, original from Argentina Laura Eva Avelluto. It was recognized “for the clarity it shows in the dramatic development of the montage, supported by a spatial proposal of a sober nature and convincing performances.”

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The ham girl is a comedy which focuses on the figure of Dora and her son Eugenio, who have an overwhelming symbiotic bond. Together they wait for the visit of Eugenia, Eugenio’s new girlfriend, whom Dora does not know. She trusts that Eugenio is finally going to introduce him to a woman suitable for him. During the course of dinner, in a tragicomic setting, the sinister nature of the characters and the extravagances of the situations emerge in the intimacy of a family that is just trying to be happy.

The version directed by Campos stands out for the original setting and a balanced cast direction made up of Nella Martínez as Dora, Mario Becerra as Eugenio and Liah Esaa as Eugenia.

Leandro Campos | Photo Arturo Moreno

Others awards

The awards panel took the opportunity to highlight the best female and male performances of this ninth festival.

Best female performance to Gladys Seco for History of a staircase. “For the proper management of his acting resources, which allow him to explore and delve into the fragility and sensitivity of his character.”

Best Male Performance to Abilio Torres for Fando and Lis. “For the different registers explored in the development of his character, giving us a performance of broad and emotional nuances.”

Best New Female Performance. Liah This by The ham girl. “For convincingly exploring a series of emotional registers that allow him to subtly address her character.”

Best New Male Performance. Mario Becerra by The Ham girl. “For his interpretive qualities that make him develop in a safe and sensitive way, a complex aspect work.”

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This year the jury decided to give a special mention for Art Direction. The winner was Edward Parúh for Fando and Lis.

Starting Friday, March 8, the two winning montages of the festival will have a season of 12 performances, over 3 weekends. First time The Ham Girl: Friday 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 4:30 pm. In the second hour, Fando and Lis: Friday 7:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 7:00 pm.

The entry Amneris Treco and Leandro Campos won the Trasnocho Young Directors Festival was first published in EL NACIONAL.

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