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‘An ice cream’ to get regional funds, hired as a reward – News

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‘An ice cream’ to get regional funds, hired as a reward – News

The price to be paid was an “ice cream” and it “had to be given” as a reward. Offering an “ice cream” meant hiring staff in companies that benefited from subsidies or million-dollar public contracts from the Puglia Region. This is what emerges from the documents of the investigation which yesterday led to house arrest the brothers Alfonsino and Enzo Pisicchio, the first former councilor for urban planning of the Puglia region and head, together with his brother, of the ‘Democratic Initiative’ and ‘Bari al center’. Three other people were arrested with them, while two others were suspended from their profession for a year.

The illicit request, recorded by bugs placed urgently in a restaurant in Monopoli (Bari), was made on the evening of 4 September 2019. The dinner was attended by the insurance broker Cosimo Napoletano, who ended up in prison, and the lawyer Paolo Scarpa, contact person of the Venetian entrepreneur Diego De Fecondo, 60 years old (under investigation at large), owner of Nir. The company, which operates in the field of technological innovation, through a false surety policy prepared by Napoletano and the mediation of Enzo Pisicchio, received in 2019 from the Puglia Region 50% of a total contribution of 6.2 million to provide aid to companies for services for the digitalized management of systems.

Cosimo Napoletano – “complying with the instructions given the day before by Enzo Pisicchio”, – it is written in the documents – highlights Pisicchio’s interest in the affair (“a kindness for that gentleman who did everything if it was possible” “he is the Christian who really did … he didn’t … he didn’t ask for a cent … and I know everything … and I know what can be done”), therefore asking for “the right reward – notes the judge – for him, or the hiring of people recommended by him (“a favor we should do… give some hires to… [inc.le] there are thirty-six units”.

The response to Napoletano’s requests (on behalf of Pisicchio) emerges – according to the prosecution – further from the conversation following the meeting between Scarpa and Diego De Fecondo, during which the former summarized the meeting with Napoletano to the Venetian entrepreneur: “I have a message… of all, of all, I can tell you so you can already worry, of all those you met in Bari… which is the one you have to offer an ice cream to? … an ice cream, comma, and said ‘you have to give it to him!’. Here, this is the message, unquote. See you!”.

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