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Asocafé Tatamá heading to the United Arab Emirates

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Asocafé Tatamá heading to the United Arab Emirates

After the Government of Risaralda with its strategy, ‘Made in Risaralda’, strengthened commercial relations with the United Arab Emirates, it was learned that the Asocafé Tatamá Producers Association, located in the municipality of Santuario, Risaralda, was able to export for the first time. a container of 20 thousand kilograms of coffee, to the city of Dubai. Juan Carlos Toro, secretary of the Secretariat of Agricultural Development, expressed his enthusiasm for this achievement: «The Association of Asocafé Tatamá Producers, in the municipality of Santuario Risaralda, for the first time sends a 20,000 kilo container to the United Arab Emirates. “It is the integration of the entire association, of all the coffee growers in the area, where this container is exported.”

Daniel Cataño, coffee grower and leader of the association, highlighted the versatility of grain production, which has made it possible to satisfy the diverse tastes and preferences of modern consumers. «Our versatility in grain production has led us to be able to provide the market with different profiles for the diverse palates that customers have today. The United Arab Emirates is a different country, in its tastes, in its customs, but thanks to the allies we have there, they can today offer the market a great variety that adapts very well to the needs of the domestic market in the country. », stated Cataño.


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