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Bad weather, landslides in Marradi and houses evacuated as a precaution – Tuscany

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Bad weather, landslides in Marradi and houses evacuated as a precaution – Tuscany

Civil protection: 95 mm of rain in the upper Mugello in 12 hours

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, MAY 16 – Landslides and falling trees on the roads, with 5 cars blocked due to landslides but no injuries and some causes evacuated as a precaution due to the rising of the Lamone river: this is what was caused by bad weather in the territory of the municipality of Marradi, a municipality in the Florentine area but which is located on the Romagna side of the Apennines, according to what is explained by the firefighters and civil protection of the Metrocittà. And tomorrow schools closed in Marradi, Firenzuola and Palazzuolo sul Senio. Also in the territory of Marradi, the hamlet of Lutirano is isolated.
Again the Civil Protection of the Metropolitan City of Florence which reports that “in the last 12 hours persistent rainfall has been recorded over a large part” of the Florentine area, “with particular reference to the Upper Mugello sector (Marradi, Palazzuolo sul Senio and Firenzuola) where cumulative rainfall exceeded 95 mm of rainfall in 12 hours”. “As a result, there has been an increase in the water levels of all the watercourses of the hydrographic network of this area and among these the Senio, Santerno and Lamone”. The Civil Protection of the Metrocittà also reports that “in the area of ​​Romagna Toscana (Upper Mugello), the road system is compromised due to numerous landslides. The conditions of the ground are such that the triggering of new landslides cannot be excluded. As a result of this the invitation is renewed to avoid travel “. In the meantime, the technicians are working on several roads due to landslides and tree falls (on sr 302, sp 36, sp 306, sp 20, sp 29, sp 32, sp 58).
For the Upper Mugello, the Regional Civil Protection has issued an orange alert due to hydrogeological and hydraulic risk of the minor network, as well as for the areas of the upper Val Tiberina and upper Casentino in the Aretino area, valid from 9 pm today to 4 pm Tomorrow. (HANDLE).

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