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Ballottaggio di Feltre: follow the count live, Fusaro closes in the lead by over 400 votes

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Ballottaggio di Feltre: follow the count live, Fusaro closes in the lead by over 400 votes

The former dean new mayor with 52.41% of the vote

Ballottaggio di Feltre, “It’s done, it’s done” but enthusiasm is kept at bay at the Fusaro home

FELTRE. The counting of the ballots for the Feltre ballot rewards the center-right candidate Viviana Fusaro.

23.54 The advantage of the candidate Viviana Fusaro grows, with 14 sections scrutinized it is at 52.94%

23.49 Section 19, Anzù: 150 to 96 for the Fusaro

23.47 At the halfway point of the 11 sections out of 22, the gap between the two candidates grows, with Fusaro always in the lead: 1,926 votes against 1,736. In percentage it is 52.21% for the center-right

Balottaggio di Feltre, Zatta checks the data coming from the sections: they are not good

23.44 Section 9, Rocca: 224 to 191 for Zatta, Zatta same votes in the first round, Fusaro earns 2

23.41 Anzù 282 to 177 for Fusaro who improves the first round

23.34 Data from the ministry: with three sections rated out of 22, Fusaro is ahead by 501 votes (51.28%) at 476 (48.72%)

23.29 According to the accounts made in the two electoral committees, Fusaro would be ahead of thirty votes

23.22 Unofficial data from the seat of Mugnai: 153 votes for Fusaro, 130 for Zatta. 1 white and 9 void

23.16 At the close of the polls, at 11 pm, 44% of those entitled to vote had voted. A slight decrease compared to the first round (46.32%, on 12 June), after the sprint start in the morning.

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The data is a matter of reasoning for candidates and supporters, gathered to wait to count the votes. The center-right accepted Viviana Fusaro’s invitation, all around the table in the garden: two weeks ago she brought well

Viviana Fusaro and supporters await the counting of the ballots in the candidate’s garden

The center-left has instead made an appointment in the bar of the ice rink. In addition to the mayoral candidate, among others there are Pelosio, Fantinel and Tamburrino.

The supporters of Zatta at the bar of the Palaghiaccio in Feltre

It is the day of choice. Fusaro or Zatta? Administrative continuity or break with the past? It is up to the Feltre people to decide who will be the next mayor of Feltre for the next five years by going today to the polling stations where they expressed a first verdict two weeks ago, giving the moderate front candidate a small advantage over the center-left opponent and giving a strong signal, that of the high abstention which must be an essential element of analysis and reflection whoever wins.

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