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Ballots, because the center-right has lost – Politics

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Ballots, because the center-right has lost – Politics

The center-left wins, or rather Letta, the center-right loses, Renzi also loses. The cinquestelle do not lose because they do not participate. This is essentially the verdict of the ballot round, whose political result must be added as always to that of the first round, where apart from the obvious victories in Genoa and (a little less) Palermo, the center-left had nevertheless crossed the finish line first. The most sensational result is Verona, where the Democratic Party wins away from home, with the counterattack goal of the former footballer Damiano Tommasi. Tommasi wins, and wins well, in a Northern League, center-right land, where the center-right voters are still the majority. And no one knows like him that victories outside friendly walls count double. The sore point for the center-right is precisely this: not being able to transform the majority of the consensus in society into a political victory. It is equal to what has been seen in the previous administrative offices, when cities (Rome and Milan) were lost where the center-right was also favored (especially in Rome), and it is the specter that at this point appears before the coalition for next spring : in the polls the center-right is over 50 percent, but reality is showing us that translating this superiority into seats will not be so easy. The internal divisions weighed up to the point of being decisive. The Democratic Party took advantage of all this turmoil, as happened last October. In Verona as elsewhere. The good results in Emilia Romagna demonstrate this, as well as in Carrara, where Matteo Renzi’s candidate, the former magistrate Cosimo Ferri, who a few days ago had surprisingly cleared up with the center-right (even going so far as to declare ” I hope he loses the Democratic Party “) and that instead he goes back with his hands in the bag. …

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