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Baoji Municipal People’s Government Portal County News Qishan County: Fruitful achievements in investment promotion at the Silk Road Expo

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Qishan County: Fruitful results were achieved at the Silk Road Expo and investment promotion was fruitful

The Seventh Silk Road International Expo and China’s East-West Cooperation, Investment and Trade Fair concluded in Xi’an on November 20. Among the participants was Zhang Junhui, the county magistrate and director of the Caijiapo Economic Development Zone Management Committee, who led the Qishan County delegation. Their active participation in various activities and extensive exchanges with merchants resulted in fruitful investment promotion.

With the theme of “Economic and Trade Expansion·Interconnection·Mutual Benefit,” this year’s Silk Road Expo held more than 20 important conferences and forums in 4 categories. The event also featured international exchange exhibitions, open platform exhibitions, and regional exhibitions at the Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center, showcasing the results of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” and promoting the expansion of international economic and trade.

During the Expo, Zhang Junhui actively participated in investment promotion seminars and conducted inspections at several companies. The Qishan County delegation also visited exhibition halls in various provinces and cities, distributed investment brochures, and made positive contributions to the promotion and publicity of Qishan.

In preparation for the Silk Road Expo, all towns and relevant departments in Qishan County attached great importance to the project, extensively solicited projects, actively negotiated, and implemented a large number of good and large projects. As a result, 10 projects were signed during the event, involving equipment manufacturing, new materials, food industry, trade logistics, and other fields. These projects are expected to add new momentum to Qishan’s industrial transformation and upgrading, pushing the county’s economy and society into the fast lane of catching up and surpassing.

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To ensure the success of the signed projects, Qishan County will provide full tracking services and heart-warming support for project settlement, promoting their quick landing, construction, and production. The county also plans to actively contact and connect with potential investors, inviting more companies and merchants to come to Qishan for on-site inspections and discuss cooperation.

Overall, the results achieved at the Silk Road Expo demonstrate Qishan County’s commitment to attracting investment and promoting economic development. The successful promotion of projects and the commitment to their implementation show a promising future for the county’s economy and society.

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