Home News Beatrice, 100 at Faccio di Castellamonte, focuses on art: “I love traveling a lot”

Beatrice, 100 at Faccio di Castellamonte, focuses on art: “I love traveling a lot”

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Beatrice, 100 at Faccio di Castellamonte, focuses on art: “I love traveling a lot”
Beatrice Zulo

He will study at Dams. From Ivrea, she is an actress of the Fuoridaltunnel group

CASTELLAMONTE. Beatrice Zullo from Ivrea is not only a talented actress of the Fuoridaltunnel cultural association. But she is the protagonist of our journey that leads us to meet the model students who have reached 100/100 in the maturity exams in the seat of the ceramic city of the IIS “April 25-Faccio. Beatrice Zullo attended the fifth L Grafica.

How did you live the period before the state exam?

“Outside of the normal tension that one feels when facing the first major exam, I was not worried about maturity, because in any case I am a person who manages anxiety well and because I was happy to conclude a phase of my life at the which I had devoted so much time and energy. The only phase of the exam that worried me was the second test because 18 hours for a graphic project seemed few to me. Moreover, I was unable to carry out the simulation since I was at home in Dad with Covid ».

And during the actual exams which were the emotions that prevailed?

“What I only realized when I actually started maturity is that, in reality, I had absolutely overestimated it. In general, I had a serene experience for which I was ready ».

What does Beatrice intend to do when she is great?

«Now that I have finished high school, I have decided to dedicate my energy and my time to what I love most: art in the broadest sense of the term. I love everything that is art and creativity, from theater, an activity that I actively carry out as a member of Fuoridaltunnel, to music, to art history, my absolute favorite subject, for me a source of infinite emotions and ideas. This is why I have decided to keep two possible paths open to my path. Dams, disciplines of the art of music and entertainment, to undertake a career as a museum operator in the future and the opportunity to try to enter the Paolo Grassi Civic Theater School in Milan, one of the most important dramatic art schools in Italy “.

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What are the pastimes she likes to engage in when she is not studying?

“My hobbies range a lot, being a very curious person, I deeply love learning new knowledge, therefore, I like to practice sports, from the gym to swimming and yoga, drawing, reading, acting, singing, to give vent to my creativity and express myself fully. I also love traveling and discovering new places, I have a strong spirit of adventure ».

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