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Beijing opens “rainfall mode”, “three warnings” of thunder, heavy rain and strong wind are issued simultaneously

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China News Service, Beijing, July 5th (Reporter Chen Hang) Beijing started the “rainfall mode” on the afternoon of the 5th, with wind, rain and thunder and lightning “on the line”, and the “three warnings” of thunder and lightning, heavy rain and strong winds were issued simultaneously.

The sultry weather in Beijing has continued for the past few days. From 20:00 on the 4th to 8:00 on the 5th, the lowest temperature at the Southern Suburb Observatory appeared at 5:5:25.4 ℃, and the air humidity was relatively high.

Lei Lei, chief forecaster of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, said that due to the eastward-moving high-altitude trough, from the afternoon of the 5th to the morning of the 6th, there were moderate to heavy rains in Beijing, and local heavy rains along the mountains and the east.

From 14:10 on the 5th, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning for thunder and lightning, a blue warning for heavy rain, and a blue warning for strong winds. With the above heavy precipitation, secondary disasters such as mudslides, landslides, and collapses caused by heavy precipitation may occur in mountainous and shallow mountainous areas, and water accumulation may occur in low-lying areas.

The Beijing Meteorological Department reminded the public not to go to mountainous areas, rivers, and areas with hidden dangers of geological disasters. Do not stay under tall buildings, billboards, makeshift structures or trees during thunderstorms and high winds. Heavy rainfall causes slippery roads, reduced visibility, and water accumulation on low-lying roads. Do not drive in water.

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In response to the rainfall process, many netizens commented on social platforms: “The rain and wind after a day of holding back are coming”, “It won’t be cool even if it rains”, “The weather will change if you say it changes. It’s hot in the morning and it rains in the afternoon.” Blustery”……

On June 1, Beijing officially started the flood season. According to the news from the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, the overall rainfall in Beijing this summer will be on the high side.

The weather changes rapidly in summer, and the rain comes and goes quickly. Lei Lei said that the thunder and lightning activities weakened in the middle of the night after the 5th, and the rain gradually ended from west to east from the morning to the morning of the 6th. (Finish)

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