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Belluno, tree on the ground for 45 days: park closed but children play there anyway

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Residents annoyed by the delays in the works of the Municipality. iannone: “This week the plant and the prohibitions are off”

BELLUNO. On Sunday 1 August a violent hailstorm, accompanied by a very strong wind, hit the city. At the Nogarè park the wind broke a tree, which has been abandoned on the grass since that day, in an area not far from the games for children. And since that day the park has always been closed for safety reasons. But the red and white ribbon is in shreds, the barriers have been moved and yesterday morning too there were some families with children playing in the green space.

For days, residents have been wondering why that broken tree is still left to fend for itself. What serious impediment can there ever be for not being able to send a team of workers with a chainsaw to cut the log? Citizens are asking. The reason is explained by the commissioner for maintenance, Biagio Giannone, and is of an economic nature: “We have made a cost estimate as maintenance services and we are waiting for it to be approved,” he says. A subsequent discussion with the manager of the sector opens a glimmer of hope: “The fallen plant will be cut this week,” assures Giannone.

For heaven’s sake, it’s not that close to slides and swings (it’s in the back of the park), but if the wind broke one tree on August 1st, it could have damaged others. “A visual check will be carried out on all the trees, if no criticalities emerge, the barriers will be removed and the park will be able to reopen”, continues Giannone. «In the event that there are some areas where it will be necessary to intervene to cut some branches, they will be closed. Only those ». Hoping that this time the white-red tape and the barriers resist.

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Finally, the Municipality will extend the assignment to the forestry doctor who will have to verify the safety of some city trees, including the Nogarè park in the analysis.


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