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Bionic “Einstein” appeared to see the new robot skills-News-Science Net

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Bionic “Einstein” appeared to see the new skills of robots

On September 10th, the 2021 World Robotics Conference opened in Beijing. With the theme of “sharing new achievements and injecting new kinetic energy” at this conference, more than 500 products from more than 110 companies participated in the exhibition.

“Do you understand everything? Let’s end the get out of class!” At the 2021 World Robot Conference, the “Einstein” bionic robot in a suit waved his arms and “taught” the audience. Looking closer, it not only has rich expressions such as blinking and frowning, but also the wrinkles on the face and the blood vessels on the body are clearly visible.

According to exhibitors, based on original simulation technology, more than 30 wax figures such as Lu Xun and Jobs are reproduced in the exhibition hall in the form of bionic robots. The characters involve history, politics, literature, science and technology, film and television and other fields. High-tech achievements such as bionic robots, 5G cloud robots, and interactive technology products.

“Einstein” bionic robot (Photo by Gao Yali/)

In the exhibition, there is also a cute panda robot that attracts countless eyes. Panda Robot Youyou is 1.30 meters tall and weighs 63 kg. It integrates robots and artificial intelligence technology independently developed by Youbing Technology, including computer vision for service robots, autonomous navigation and positioning, hand-eye coordination technology, high-performance servo drives, and motion Planning and control, voice technology, etc.


The panda robot “compared to the heart” at the scene (Photo by Gao Yali)

The reporter also saw the robot Opti, the mascot of the Dubai World Expo developed by Tesilian, which can provide singing, dancing, and parade performances, bringing the ultimate interactive experience to the audience. Unitree A1 Robot Dog”“Selling cute” is also a good hand. When you meet the audience, you get excited, and take small steps happily on the front feet, like a puppy that starts to stom on the ground with excitement when it sees the owner.

Robot Dog.jpg

Unitree A1 robot dog (Gao Yali/photo)

Write calligraphy.jpg

The robot writes the word “Fu” on the spot (Photo by Zhang Siwei/Photo)

Service robot.jpg

Robots that provide intelligent unmanned services (Photo by Zhang Siwei/Photo by Zhang Siwei)

Da Vinci.jpg

Da Vinci Surgical Robot (Gao Yali/photo)

Inside and outside the exhibition hall, smart robots that provide “volunteer services” can be seen everywhere. They flexibly shuttle between the venues and provide on-site intelligent services such as inquiries and guidance, venue disinfection, and venue cleaning.

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