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Bulldozers at the historic Garibaldi cinema in Codognè: in its place a B&B and cultural center

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It dates back to the 1950s, in 2010 the last show. Stones and rubble were now falling from the building

CODOGNE’ About ten years ago for an evening the historic Garibaldi cinema in Codognè was reborn. In recent days it has been demolished together with the former barn. In its place, a cultural center and an accommodation facility will be built.

Thus, the redevelopment project of piazza Europa will be implemented, as scheduled by the administration of the mayor Lisa Tommasella. The solution was also desired after a series of protests by residents and some traders, because rubble fell from the old cinema, putting at risk the safety of those who passed on foot in the square.

Last July parts had crashed into the cars and touched people. Reminders had been made for securing. Before there was a risk of causing any injuries, after the area had already been demarcated a few years ago, the property decided to demolish it.

The area is owned by the entrepreneurs who own the Maeg, who will build a multipurpose classroom and a bed & breakfast. The former cinema was built after the war, in the 1950s. For a long time in a state of neglect, for a day in 2010 it was relived thanks to the film “Lost in devil’s country”. Some takes were shot in the center of Codognè, with the former cinema transformed for the occasion.

The independent film was released after a few years. The traces of the film have been lost, but the shots of the scenes with which the Garibaldi had been reconstructed have remained. Many people from Codognes fondly remembered that cinema they went to as young people. But the miracle of a rebirth of cinema did not happen.

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These days the bulldozers have arrived, with piles of materials disposed of to make room for modern buildings. “The redevelopment of Piazza Europa will take place within the large area behind the curtain of buildings that now surround part of the current square, from the former Garibaldi cinema to the Lucchetta houses – so it was also foreseen the electoral program with which it was re-elected, with a plebiscite, the mayor Lisa Tommasella – characterized by decadent buildings and a green area, poorly maintained, with various building ruins inside.

It will be our task to continue on this project, accompanying private partners in the development of a territory that reconciles the new areas, intended for residential and commercial use, with the need to create a real public square, pedestrianized ». In the meantime, in the center of Codognè and in the Mutera park, the Quince Festival and the market for small local productions are celebrated.


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