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Bus for the elderly in Pereira

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Bus for the elderly in Pereira

To mobilize the older adults who are part of the Protection Centers for this population, a bus that even has tools and spaces for people with disabilities was adequate.

Currently in Pereira there are 471 older adults who are part of one of the seven Protection Centers with which the Mayor’s Office has an agreement.

In these establishments, older adults who are socially abandoned receive accommodation, clothing, hygiene kits, and recreation services.

Now they will be able to mobilize in an easier and more agile way to the different events that are held for this population, since a bus was adapted for this purpose.

In an interview with El Diario, Ángela María Rubio Mejía, Pereira’s Social Development Secretary, stated that the bus has a capacity for 40 people, as well as spaces for the elderly with disabilities and other tools that will allow people to get on without setbacks in a condition of disability.

Despite the fact that many older adults sacrificed their lives to raise their children or other relatives, the payment that many receive for this is abandonment.

Last year there were hundreds of cases of older adults who were abandoned by their relatives in health centers, on the outskirts of protection centers, the City Hall building, among other places.

It must be borne in mind that the abandonment of the elderly is a crime, in addition to receiving social rejection, but many people continue to leave these people lying in different sectors of Pereira.

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