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But do me a favor 04-22-2024

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But do me a favor 04-22-2024

Marco Travaglio’s editorial

But do me a favor 04-22-2024

The Genius. “D’Alema prime minister? To wage war we needed a post-communist” (Fausto Bertinotti regarding the NATO bombings of Belgrade in 1999, Corriere della Sera, 21.4). And a genius was needed to overthrow Prodi and pave the way for him.

Funeral home. “In the fantastic Netflix version of Cav. Young there is all the joyful mystery of the excess that happened. To the fatal man the grateful homeland” (Giuliano Ferrara, Sheet, 17.4). But she goes to see the rats.

The Republic of Silvio. “Like it or not, Berlusconi is becoming a father of the country. And moreover, even the greatest political and journalistic adversaries in recent months have admitted several times that, compared to today’s new powerful people, his figure towers over him” (Claudia Mregolane, Republic, 21.4). But when are they ashamed?

Forgetful. “Meloni makes Amadeus escape, Berlusconi was liberal compared to her” (Sandro Ruotolo, Pd, Sheet, 16.4). Do you want to put Amadeus with Biagi, Santoro and Luttazzi?

Inconsolable widowers. “Rai has lost its Pibe de Oro. What will we do without Amadeus” (Alice Valeri Oliveri, Tomorrow, 19.4). I was just thinking about suicide.

Always Chiara. “’Del’ establishes ownership, and ownership is by its nature transitive, today this is my house and tomorrow it will belong to the bank that will seize it, today sovereignty belongs to the people and tomorrow perhaps to the single party. But if it is ‘in’, then it is in the very nature of the people, inalienable because, deprived of its sovereignty, the people ceases to be… In the Italian Constitution there is ‘al’, sovereignty belongs to the people… A community is substantiated in absolute and transitory rules… while exposition changes semantic scope and passes from religion to political life and everyone’s daily life thanks to social media…”. “I belong to a generation where some still thought it was possible to get pregnant by licking the stickers of Ie that were previously licked by males – I don’t know why we licked the stickers, perhaps because of the glue – but I trust that the situation has improved” (Chiara Valerio, Republic, 16 and 20.4). They take her away.

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Brrr. “The Draghi agendas of politics and international contacts are now scary” (Francesco Damato, Doubt, 20.4). Especially to archaeologists: they were looking for one and discover that there are two.

With grains of salt. “Roberto Salis: ‘Ilaria with Avs, but I would have preferred the dems’” (Republic, 20.4). For Bonelli and Fratoianni these are satisfactions.

The expert/1. “Pomicino: ‘Politics is not free. It needs public funding’” (Press, 16.4). To round tangents.

The expert/2. “The fake factory is always at work” (Mario Sechi, Libero, 19.4). Otherwise what is he going to do?

The expert/3. “Pd, look at Sànchez and forget Conte” (Massimo L. Salvadori, Unit, 19.4). Maybe you win in Spain.

It was Putin. “Fake profiles and articles never written: pro-Putin networks use Republic to carry out propaganda against Kiev” (Republic, 14.4). What idiots: instead of inventing fakes, they could report the real articles from the pro-Putin monthly insert Russia Today which was published in Repubblica from 2010 to 2016.

The convict acquitted. “Clear acquittal for Lucano” (Reformist, 17.4). Regarding Lucano’s appeal sentence of 1 year and 6 months for forgery of a public document.

Epochal events. “The intensity of unrepeatable things”, “Thirty-seven days are a trifle. But time is measured under the skin. I already feel that this slice of life will go back through my memory to my head, with the intensity of unrepeatable things” (Alessandro Barbano, leaving the direction of Reformist after 37 days, 17.4). Always having a head.

The Turkish/1. “Auto, speed up the incentives” (Stefano Lo Russo, PD mayor of Turin, Press, 14.4). Well, let’s give a few more billion to Stellantis to escape to France with the cash.

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The Turkish/2. “The investigations? Enough profiteering. Appendino attacks but it would be more useful if from Rome he lent a hand to his city” (Lo Russo, ibidem). Buy some votes for the Democratic Party too.

The title of the week/1. “Royal families in the world, the latest news. From Felipe and Letizia to Carlo and Martha” (Republic, 13.4). From now Republic is called Monarchy.

The title of the week/2. “Sanctioning Iran is no longer enough” (Sheet, 18.4). Right: let’s bomb some more embassies.

The title of the week/3. “’Killers lurked and then fled from the rooftops’. The Erba massacre according to Rosa and Olindo” (Republic, 17.4). The UFO trail is increasingly solid.

The title of the week/4. “The comparison between Pirandello’s Count and Craxi’s political vision does not hold up” (Damato, Doubt, 16.4). Right: Craxi stole.

The headline of the week/5. “Celebrating April 25th with NATO” (rag. Claudio Cerasa, Sheet, 21.4). And then discovering that April 25th was in 1945, NATO was born in 1949 and Nazi-fascism was also defeated by the Soviet Union.

The headline of the week/6. “Mattarella: Born means peace” (Reformist, 16.4). Uhahahahah.

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