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Call the doctor and find out he died for the taxman – News

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Call the doctor and find out he died for the taxman – News

According to the Taxman, he is dead, but he is alive and well. It is the story, at times Pirandellian, of Pietro Fanticini, a 75-year-old retired entrepreneur from Reggio Emilia, told by the local press. “I contacted my doctor in recent days – he says – to get some medicines prescribed and I discovered, as the doctor was unable to give me the prescriptions, a curious thing: I died last year. Through the accountant, I proceeded to check with the Revenue Agency my position: nothing to do. I’m dead…”. The misunderstanding would have been generated by the fact that one of his namesake, also a resident of Reggio, died in December 2022. For the Treasury, however, both died, with someone who evidently caused confusion. Fanticini also takes it philosophically: “Since I discovered it, my wife Franca, now a widow, has been crying sobbing on the sofa next to me while reminding me of the 55 years we spent together. My children, via Whatsapp, ask me the consistency of the assets bequeathed. My doctor is desperate because he has one less patient. I still have to figure out if the INPS will block my pension.
I just hope that the Revenue Agency will stop making me pay taxes and duties, since they have given me up for dead…”. But then he gets serious: “In all of this, I find it rather serious and worthy that in 2023 a citizen should be declared deceased without any checks and on the exclusive basis of name and surname. And now the costs for my resurrection at the registry office, NHS, Agenzia delle Entrate, INPS who will bear them? Will it be possible to instill new lifeblood in a very short time or will I have to undergo a medico-legal examination to ascertain my existence in life?

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