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Car withdrawal after frenzy: applause from MV | > – News

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Car withdrawal after frenzy: applause from MV |  > – News

As of: March 1, 2024 12:23 p.m

The state traffic police in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania advocate the confiscation of cars after drastic speeding. The association said that a regulation like the one that now applies in Austria makes sense. The Interior Ministry in Schwerin reacted cautiously.

von Stefan Ludmann

Driving too fast is also one of the main causes of serious accidents in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The police have been trying to counteract this for years with speed checks. Austria is taking another step. If you drive too fast there, you risk losing your car. If you violate the speed limit by more than 80 kilometers per hour in urban areas or 90 outside of town, the car can be confiscated and auctioned off. The regulation has been in place in Denmark for some time. Even stricter speed limits apply there.

Confiscation as a deterrent

The state traffic police explained that only very few road users were driving at extreme speeds. Most of them are young men for whom the car is a status symbol. A possible confiscation of your car could have a deterrent effect and therefore makes sense, says managing director Andrea Leirich. If there is a driving ban, it is still possible to continue driving your own vehicle – even if it is prohibited. The probability of being discovered is low.


Already a good sanction system in Germany

The ADAC reacted cautiously. In Germany, cars could already be confiscated after illegal car racing. The decision on this will be made by a court. The bottom line is that there is already a good sanction system consisting of a catalog of fines, the points system, driving license revocation and the possibility of ordering medical-psychological examinations (MPU), according to an ADAC spokesman. Control density and educational measures played an important role.

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Interior Ministry would welcome increases in sanctions

The Ministry of the Interior in Schwerin also refers to this. A spokeswoman clearly indicated approval of the regulation in Austria: “From a local perspective, an increase in the level of sanctions for traffic offenses with high risk potential, for example disregarding the maximum permissible speeds, in order to increase traffic safety would generally be welcomed.” Despite a request, the ministry avoided making a clear statement about the anti-speeding law in Austria.

The Green parliamentary group in the state parliament was also cautious. In Austria, the Green Transport Minister Leonore Gewessle enforced the regulation. Like the ADAC, the state parliamentary group’s transport policy spokeswoman, Jutta Wegner, also referred to the existing rules for the confiscation and confiscation of cars after illegal car races. Wegner said that before the law is tightened, it should be examined how it fits “into the existing legal and social structure” and how it could affect road users “and society as a whole”.

Further information

The number of traffic deaths fell by 26 compared to the previous year, reaching a new low. more

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NDR 1 Radio MV | News from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania | March 1, 2024 | 8:30 a.m

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