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Celebrate the Chinese New Year happily with “good shows” in Chongqing – Hot News – Hualong.com

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Celebrate the Chinese New Year happily with “good shows” in Chongqing – Hot News – Hualong.com

The Shibati traditional style area has a strong New Year flavor as Chongqing gears up for the Spring Festival celebrations. Throughout the city, there are a plethora of exciting cultural and tourism activities taking place to usher in the Year of the Dragon.

The traditional style area of ​​Shibati is provided with a picture of Shancheng Alley “Blessed by Heavenly Official”. Reporter Lei Qiang took photos of the RED CROSS red limited intersection zebra crossing and SUPER LOONG super wishing lanterns at Chongqing Times Street in Longfor, demonstrating the festive spirit that has enveloped the city.

During the Spring Festival, Yuzhong will be bustling with theatrical performances, light shows, business district promotions, cultural tourism, to treat citizens and tourists to a joyous and peaceful atmosphere. A series of cultural and tourism activities using high-quality products will enrich holiday life, offering a wonderful technological audio-visual feast with the “Two Rivers and Four Banks” lighting show.

The city is going all out to ensure that citizens and tourists have a safe and happy holiday experience. Volunteer service teams are being deployed in densely populated areas to provide civilized persuasion, order maintenance, and emergency response assistance.

To ease traffic during the festivities, public transportation operating hours will be extended, and additional measures will be taken to secure convenient transportation for citizens and tourists. Various business districts and shopping malls will also be adorned with themed displays to enhance the New Year shopping experience.

Measures are also being taken to ensure the safety and health of citizens and tourists, with the fire protection and market supervision departments implementing strict safety and supply protocols to protect the citizens and tourists during the festival.

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In all, Chongqing is pulling out all the stops to ensure a happy, prosperous, and safe Year of the Dragon celebration for all who visit.

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