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Cessna plane suffered an incident at the Olaya Herrera airport in Medellín

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Cessna plane suffered an incident at the Olaya Herrera airport in Medellín

Civil Aeronautics reveals cause of Cessna plane crash in Caquetá

Two “May day” or emergency calls were made by Captain Hernando Murcia, from the Cessna U206G aircraft, registration HK 2803, due to engine failuresand before collapsing into the jungle of Caquetá with six occupants, two adults and the four indigenous brothers who according to the authorities would be alive and lost in the jungle.

This is how he narrated it through Colombia Hoy Radio, Colonel Miguel Camacho, Director of Accident Investigation of the Civil Aeronauticswho revealed more details of the first technical report about the mishap, which happened on May 1.

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New details of the aeronautical accident in the jungles of Guaviare and Caquetá are revealed

“Everything would indicate that the accident occurred and one of its causes was engine failure. We go further back: to the history of the engine, the plane, its maintenance, its components. As I was saying, now that the engine has been recovered in good condition for an inspection, we are optimistic that we will be able to determine the exact component that failed: if it was the magnetos, a connecting rod, a cylinder, if the crankcase broke, that is possible to determine. and thus guide preventive measures to prevent this type of accident from happening again,” he declared.

The officer assured that the investigation and inspection of the engine will be carried out at the aircraft manufacturer headquartersthe Continental firm, in the United States.

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Given the question that arises about Why didn’t he make it to the Apaporis river?which was the closest and most appropriate area to attempt an emergency landing, Colonel Camacho stated that what happened with the Cessna “is a very difficult situation.”

The engine failed: pilot did what he could to save the lives of the passengers

“A failure like the one reported when the engine shuts down is critical., since there is no redundancy of the power source. When the captain reported the failure, above the Colombian jungle, which we know from above, and from below, in the search for the children with Operation Hope, it is complex because there is no place or appropriate area to descend. In an emergency of this type, the idea is to try to recover the engine, make it work again or look for a place to land or land and failed”he remarked.

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Although he did not commit to a certain date for the issuance of the final report of the accident, he confirmed that, in all mishaps of this type, investigations require months of methodical work.

“I am a bit committed to the answer, but we take the risk: if we take into account the costs, times, simulation analysis and hopefully we can interview the children when they appearand if we are allowed with all the protection measures, no later than September we will have the final report and thus share those lessons”, he pointed out.

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