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Unanimous manifesto to save the Ryder Cup 2031 in Girona

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Unanimous manifesto to save the Ryder Cup 2031 in Girona

06/08/2023 at 2:17 PM


The Foment del Treball headquarters brings together sport and the Catalan social and economic fabric in favor of the candidacy for the Ryder Costa Brava-Barcelona 2031

It was a unanimous cry to the Generalitat, the last public body that is missing to confirm its specific support in the form of a budget to promote this world golf event

All Catalan sport, represented by the president of the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia, Gerard Estevatogether with the representatives of the social and economic fabric of Catalonia, with the representative of the Chambers of Commerce, and Foment del Treball, with its president, in front, Josep Sánchez Book, made a specific and unanimous call to save the 2031 Ryder Cup to be held at the Camiral Resort Golf & Wellness in 2031.

In a vindictive act of all the parties at the headquarters of the Promotion of Work, all eyes were directed towards the Generalitat de Catalunya, the last political institution that is missing to close a projector that it has already agreed to the Spanish Golf Federation, and the Government of Madrid, but that it has run aground precisely in the Generalitat, which has not given its approval by not having budgeted the part that corresponds to it.

For this reason, and given the need for a firm government response and support for the project, A Manifesto entitled “Save the Ryder Cup” was read at the Foment headquarters, recalling the benefits that this international competition will bring and the projection of Girona and Barcelona to the world, at the height of the Olympic Games, or the Copa América that will be held next summer

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Capital project in the world of sport

Jaume Fàbrega, president of the Council of Chambers of Catalonia, read the first part of the Manifesto where he recalled that it is “a capital project in the world of sport and that it represents a great opportunity in the economic, social and business spheres for the regions of Girona and for Catalonia and will be a claim for quality tourism in addition to improving sustainability the environment,” he said.

“The Ryder Cup will generate more than 1,000 jobs and 350 permanent ones, with an economic impact of more than 1,300 million euros.with the promotion of Costa Brava”.

The president of the Catalan Golf Federation, Ramon Nogué read the second part of the Manifesto in which “the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya is claimed, so that it keeps its word and the candidacy can be closed to host one of the most followed and important competitions in the world”.

The president of FCGolf, Ramon Nogué, warned that if the Ryder is not held in Catalonia, another community in Spain will take it


Nogué warned of the danger that if the agreement with the Generalitat is not concluded, “The Ryder will be taken by others in Spain who are already waiting for the project to fail here to take them with their eyes closed,” he said. “It is a country agreement and that it can make it possible. We ask to value the name of Catalonia as it was done in 1992, which we still enjoy”, said Nogué

Sánchez Llibre aimed directly at the Generalitat

For the president of the UFEC, Gerard Esteva, “we want the best sport to come to our home, and for this reason we ask the Generalitat de Catalunya to get involved in the effort“Today it will be transformed into a budget for this event when the State has already committed itself and all that is missing is the green light’ from the Catalan Government”

The president of Foment Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre, recalled what the arrival of this event means in the economic and business aspect. “Some 1,300 million euros will remain in the country, with 270,000 visitors from all over the world and a viewing of Girona on television that will reach 1,000 million people in 170 countries”, he explained.

The president of Foment, Josep Sánchez Llibre, was categorical about the Ryder Cup 2031


“The proof of the success of this winning formula was the Olympic Games and the Copa América, with the presence of a group of businessmen that made it possible in 2024. We would be the only region in the world to organize a World Cup, an Olympic Games, the Copa América and the Ryder Cup”, he said.

“The owners of the Ryder have already decided to play here, the owner of the field will make a strong investment with a third field and we cannot close the doors to an event of this level, for this reason an important part of civil societyWe call on the Generalitat to put maximum efficiency and dedication into its government task so that the Ryder Cup stays in Catalonia”, he said.

“It would be unforgivable and irresponsible for Ryder to go to Madrid or any other community when everyone’s priority is for it to be done in Catalonia, and specifically in Caldes de Malavella. Let’s save Ryder!” categorically concluded Sánchez Llibre.

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