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Chaoyang Fire Department strictly inspects crowded places

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Chaoyang Fire Department strictly inspects crowded places

Original Title: Chaoyang Fire Control Strictly Checks Crowded Places

News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhang Yu) In order to further deepen the investigation and rectification of fire hazards and focus on areas with weak fire safety, recently, the Chaoyang District Fire Rescue Detachment planned in advance and strengthened measures to increase the supervision of restaurants, supermarkets, and entertainment venues in the jurisdiction. Fire safety inspections in densely populated places such as campuses, senior care institutions, etc.

The Asian Games Village Brigade mobilized all fire prevention supervisors to set up 9 inspection teams, adopted the form of “door-to-door” service and “one-to-one” assistance, divided responsibility areas, and implemented responsibility binding. For entertainment venues, focus on inspections of fire-fighting facilities, safe evacuation, fire and electricity use, gas use, lampblack pipes, publicity and education, and fire protection zone settings, etc., and on-site training and learning of “one policeman and six officers” for employees, and on-duty personnel in the fire control room Spot checks were carried out on emergency response and disposal procedures, and simulated pull drills were conducted on miniature fire stations. A total of 232 fire hazards were found and rectified in this inspection. Regarding the problems found in the inspection, each inspection team gave feedback to the person in charge of the site in a timely manner, and formulated targeted measures to supervise the implementation of rectification.

The fire supervisors of Jianguomen, Qingnian Road, and Dongba Brigade combined with the actual situation, went to the primary and middle schools in the area to adopt the method of “inspection + training”, focusing on whether the fire lanes in the campus are marked, whether the safety exits and evacuation channels of the teaching buildings are kept clear, Whether the fire-fighting facilities are in good condition and effective, whether the kitchen operating room is cleaned of the oil fume hood in time, whether the facilities in the gas room are standardized, whether the teaching staff have undergone practical training in basic fire-fighting skills, and whether the on-duty personnel in the fire control room have certificates to work and other aspects. A total of 34 fire safety hazards were found in this inspection. In response to the problems found, the inspectors popularized fire safety knowledge on the spot, put forward rectification suggestions one by one, and asked the school to implement the rectification as soon as possible. At the same time, the school is urged to strengthen daily fire prevention inspections, strengthen fire safety training and education for teachers and students, actively strive to create a “zero hidden danger” campus, and create a safe environment for the upcoming college entrance examination.

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The Tonghui River Brigade, together with the local streets and townships, closely watched the elderly care service institutions in the jurisdiction to carry out fire safety inspections. Everywhere the fire supervisors went, they listened carefully to the introduction of the fire safety management work by the person in charge of the elderly care institutions. Facilities, safe evacuation, fire, electricity and gas are carefully inspected, and the heads and management personnel of elderly care institutions are repeatedly urged to firmly establish the awareness that fire safety is no small matter, start from the details, implement fine management, and strengthen the care of the elderly. Fire safety care and tips, to ensure fire safety.

(Editors in charge: Chi Mengrui, Bao Congying)

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