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Chongqing reports 103 new local infections since October 1, involving 36 outbreaks – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Source title: Chongqing has added 103 local infections since October 1, involving 36 outbreaks

The Information Office of the Chongqing Municipal Government held a press conference on the evening of October 6. Li Pan, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Health Commission, introduced at the meeting that since October 1, a total of 103 new local infections have been reported in Chongqing, of which 88 were 1 case was a close contact of an infected person outside the city, 14 cases were secondary infections of the “10.2” Shapingba epidemic and the “10.3” Xiushan epidemic, involving a total of 36 outbreaks.

From 0-19:00 on October 6, 16 new local confirmed cases were reported in Chongqing, including 3 in Banan District, 3 in Qijiang District, 2 in Xiushan County, Wanzhou District, Shapingba District, Nanchuan District, Liangping District, Wulong District District, Jiangjin District, Dianjiang County, Fengjie County, 1 case each; 16 new cases of asymptomatic infections, including 3 cases in Yubei District, 3 cases in Xiushan County, 2 cases in Liangping District, Nan’an District, Qianjiang District, Rongchang District, There are 1 case each in Chengkou County, Dianjiang County, Fengdu County, Pengshui County, and Wushan County. At present, the existing infected people in Chongqing are undergoing centralized isolation treatment and isolation medical observation in designated medical institutions, and their condition is stable.

Li Pan introduced that the 36 outbreaks in Chongqing since October 1 were all imported from outside the city. Among them, 30 cases of the epidemic are all people who came to Chongqing and returned from outside the city. When they arrive in Chongqing, they are quarantined and controlled in a closed-loop, and there is no risk of social transmission.

The remaining 6 epidemic-related personnel have social activity trajectories. Among them, the “10.2” Shapingba epidemic and the “10.3” Xiushan epidemic have caused 14 cases of secondary infection, all of which were found in close contacts who were quarantined; The person is a close contact of an infected person outside the city. Before he was quarantined and controlled, he had a wide range of social activities. The trajectory of his activities involved parts of Nan’an, Yuzhong, Jiangbei, and Shapingba. The risk of epidemic transmission was high. The specific activity trajectory It will be released to the public as soon as possible, and I hope that the general public will actively cooperate with the flow adjustment and control the risks in the shortest time and the fastest speed; “10.5” Dianjiang epidemic, “10.6” Banan epidemic, “10.6” Nanchuan epidemic There is a certain risk of transmission.

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Li Pan reminded that the National Day holiday is coming to an end, the flow of people is more frequent, and the number of people coming to and returning to Chongqing will increase significantly in a short period of time. Here I remind everyone again that standardizing the wearing of masks is one of the most economical and effective protective measures for epidemic prevention and control. one. It is recommended that citizens and friends wear masks in public places, such as expressway service areas, tourist attractions, or places with poor ventilation, such as planes, high-speed rails, subways, elevators, etc. , continue to support, understand and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, and take appropriate health management measures.

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