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Civil records can now be obtained digitally – news

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Civil records can now be obtained digitally – news

With prior payment, copies of birth, marriage or death records can be downloaded.

The national registrar of Civil Status, Alexander Vega Rocha, launched the new digital civil registry, a tool that will allow Colombians to obtain digital copies of their civil records of birth, marriage or death, efficiently and with full legal validity for all procedures. .

Colombians will be able to download a copy of their civil registry after making a payment of $15,600 through the website https://rcenlinea.registraduria.gov.co/dedicated exclusively to carrying out this procedure.

The national registrar highlighted the technological and sustainable importance of the new online civil registry. He pointed out that, with this initiative, many Colombians will not have the need to go to registry offices, notaries or chancelleries to obtain physical copies, which is particularly beneficial for Colombians residing abroad.

«The National Registry Office once again becomes a world pioneer in technological advances in identification. In this tool we take advantage of more than 74 million civil records of birth, marriage and death that are in our databases. Likewise, soon notaries and registrars will be able to process civil registration completely digitally, no more use of paper,” he said.

For his part, the delegate registrar for Civil Registry and Identification, Didier Chilito, maintained that this digital innovation is based on the rules that govern identification aspects in Colombia and highlighted its importance in the modernization process of the Registry of the century. XXI.

«This copy of the civil registry will be valid for three months, as established by the legal regulations on identification in the country. In addition, the citizen will be able to issue a copy of his digital civil registry as many times as he requires,” he added.

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The digital civil registry seeks to streamline procedures and provide Colombians with the possibility of obtaining copies of this document from any corner of the world.

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