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Colombian golden needle, the search for the new designer of our country

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Colombian golden needle, the search for the new designer of our country

The calls for the 20th version of ‘Aguja de Oro Colombiana’, the only fashion reality show in Colombia, are advancing at a good pace.

It is an event organized by the Vallecaucana Fashion Chamber, which seeks to find and promote the new promise of national design in Colombia.

The production team is touring cities such as Medellín, Popayán, Pasto, Pereira, Cartagena, Bogotá and Cali, to select through interviews the nearly 30 participants who will compete this year for the award for best new designer.

The select group of competitors will be made up of students and graduates of fashion and costume design from universities and educational institutions nationwide.

One of these new talents will be recognized as the new ‘Colombian Golden Needle 2023’.

“We are very pleased to find so much talent throughout our country. It is incredible to see the reception that the call is having and above all the enthusiasm of the young designers who see in Aguja de Oro Colombiana the opportunity of their lives to give a decisive boost to their careers”, affirms Guio Di Colombia, president of the Chamber of Vallecaucana Fashion and creator of the reality show.

The winner of the competition will receive a 0-kilometer car, the opportunity to showcase their work on an international catwalk, and a contract with a national brand, providing a significant boost to their design career.

This without counting the great visibility showcase that both the winner and the other participants will have throughout the 8 chapters that make up the reality show.

The first chapter will be broadcast on Sunday, September 24 at 4pm on Telepacífico.

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The other broadcasts will be broadcast on Sundays at the same time.

The reality show will culminate with the grand finale that will be broadcast live on Thursday, November 9 from the Marriott Cali Hotel on the Telepacífico channel, a great ally of the event.

The production of the transmission will be in charge of Ricardo Bermúdez, manager of the channel.

Once the name of the winning participant has been announced, ‘Homens Week’ will begin, the only men’s fashion week in Latin America that has already reached its second consecutive version, thus uniting two of the main events of the Chamber of Valle del Cauca Fashion.

demanding tests

The format of Aguja de Oro 2023 consists, as we have already said, of 8 chapters during which the participating designers will face very demanding tests that cover various aspects of fashion design, such as pattern-making techniques, clothing, illustration of garments, visual merchandising , interpretation of trends, photography, color management and selection of textiles, among others.

Each episode will have its own theme and specific tests.

The team of fashion professionals in charge of guiding and supporting the participants during the development of the reality show is made up of the journalist and public relations officer Jorge Dusterdieck, who will be the president of the jury; The designer and philanthropist Guio Di Colombia (president of the Valle del Cauca Fashion Chamber) and Celin Giraldo, fashion and image consultant, will also be the main mentors.

The presenter will be Kahren Rondón, fashion strategist.

Registration for those who wish to participate remains open until Wednesday, September 6 on the website www.cmvalle.com.

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Those interested can obtain more information by calling the cell line 3168836449 or the landline 8964451 in Cali.

You can also communicate by email at [email protected].

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