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Confindustria Cuneo, forecasts down but still positive – Piedmont

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Confindustria Cuneo, forecasts down but still positive – Piedmont

Balance between optimists and pessimists passes from 17.5% to 11.6%

(ANSA) – TURIN, JULY 11 – Cuneo’s businesses continue to believe in growth, albeit with greater caution. This is what emerges from Confindustria’s economic analysis for the third quarter of 2023, based on the assessments of around 280 member companies in the Granda area.

Overall, Cuneo is in line with the regional data, with positive numbers but slowing down compared to the previous two quarters. The balance between optimists and pessimists is 11.6% against the previous 17.5%: both the estimates on employment are up (14.8%, from 11.3%) and the expected recourse to the CIG ( 7.7%, up from 6.9%).

At sectoral level, growth expectations are above average in the mechanical, chemical-rubber-plastic and construction sectors. Chemical intermediates and building materials are slowing down. Exports are doing well, up 8.16% in the province in the first quarter. Good sensations from entrepreneurs arrive on the front of prices and investment forecasts, despite the concern about the ECB’s policy. The president of Confindustria Cuneo Mariano Costamagna expressed his opinion on this point: “The continuous rise in interest rates is not a positive factor for the Italian manufacturing industry. We don’t see how it brakes inflation, but it is holding back investments. The EU does not a policy of entrepreneurs in the field”. (HANDLE).

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