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Copper and lead trafficking from Viterbo to Caserta, 27 under investigation – News

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Copper and lead trafficking from Viterbo to Caserta, 27 under investigation – News

Twenty-seven suspects, two under house arrest and eight companies subjected to investigation. Around 860 thousand euros and 11 vehicles seized. This is the outcome of the investigation into the trafficking of copper and lead waste between the Viterbo area and the province of Caserta, directed by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office – District Anti-Mafia Directorate – and carried out by the Railway Police of the Rome Department and by the Forestry Carabinieri of the Nipaaf of Viterbo Carabinieri Group. The men of the Forestry Carabinieri and the Railway Police of the Lazio and Campania compartments carried out the measures ordered by the investigating judge.

The activities organized for the illicit trafficking of waste started from two plants in the Viterbo area, where large quantities of special and urban waste were illegally accepted and managed from which to obtain the metal components of commercial value.

The waste was delivered by a number of subjects, in the absence of the required registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers and in the absence of the required environmental documentation. They were then managed in the Viterbo plants in non-compliance with the provisions of the authorizations and the relevant decree and without correctly compiling the registers. Many unwanted wastes were disposed of illegally in the Viterbo area: abandoned or burned to the ground.

The system organized and managed by two Campanians provided that the metals, especially copper, were hidden and transported on articulated vehicles, without or with false environmental documentation. The metal waste was then sold to a company in the Caserta area, without the adequate recovery and treatment operations necessary for the cessation of the waste qualification required by law, and was then marketed at another nearby plant.

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