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Coronavirus in Italy, today’s bulletin 24 November: update on positive cases, hospitalized and healed

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In the last 24 hours in Italy there have been 12,448 new cases of coronavirus and 85 deaths. Hospitalizations (+32) and intensive (+13) are on the rise. With 562,505 swabs carried out the positivity rises to 2.2%. These are the data that emerge from the daily bulletin on the spread of Covid-19 in Italy drawn up by the Ministry of Health.



In Trentino today 151 new infections from Covid intercepted by 8 thousand tampons. On the hospital front, with 5 new admissions and 7 discharges, 51 hospitalized patients of which 5 in resuscitation. 16 quarantined classes remain. “Fortunately, even today no deaths, but the situation requires everyone’s collaboration to respect the hygiene rules and adhere to the vaccination campaign – says the provincial health company of Trento -. From today it is possible to book the booster dose starting from 150 Day after the administration of the second dose or first dose, in the case of a single dose vaccine, as required by ministerial indications “. The vaccination campaign reached 825,475 administrations, a figure that includes 374,442 and 32,939 third doses.


In South Tyrol the number of Covid patients in intensive care rises from nine to ten. This was announced by the health authority in an update of today’s bulletin. Bolzano thus reaches one of the thresholds of the yellow zone. On the other hand, the number of beds occupied in normal wards fell from 81 to 75. However, that of post-acute patients in private clinics remains unchanged (61).


Today the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region communicated 650 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 310 after antigen tests), equal to 1.3% of 50,762 swabs performed, of which 42,124 antigenic. Of the 650 new cases, 377 are asymptomatic (58%). Six deaths. The total is 11,876. There are 29 hospitalized in intensive care (same as yesterday), not in intensive care 318 (-9 compared to yesterday). There are 7,820 people in home isolation while the diagnostic swabs processed so far are 9,550,517 (+ 50,762 compared to yesterday), of which 2,475,897 were negative.

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There are 2,207 new Covid positives recorded in Lombardy in the last 24 hours and 13 deaths, thus bringing the total number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic to 34,311. This was announced by the Region. The swabs carried out are 113,920 while the positive / test ratio rises to 1.9%. Intensive care admissions are on the rise: they are 72 (+5) while the number of non-intensive care patients is decreasing: they are 729 (-7)

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There are 412 new positives at Covid-19 today in Liguria, compared to 5,382 molecular swabs carried out in the last 24 hours, in addition to another 9,816 rapid antigenic swabs. 2 Covid patients have died since yesterday. In detail, in Imperia there are 100 new cases, in Savona there are 42 in Savona there are 42 in Genoa there are 214 and in La Spezia there are 54. Two patients are not resident in Liguria.


There are still more than a thousand, 1,058, new Coronavirus infections in Emilia-Romagna, detected with 36,505 swabs in the last 24 hours. The average age of positives today is 40.5 years. The situation of the provinces sees Forlì-Cesena with 202 cases, Rimini with 183 new cases, followed by Bologna, 180 plus 51 from Imola, Ravenna 180. The healed are 466 more, the active cases 15,967 (+578), 96 % in home isolation. The number of deaths rises, 14, from 60 to 96 years. On the other hand, the number of hospitalized remains fairly stable. The number of patients admitted to intensive care (63) has remained unchanged compared to yesterday, with 560 in the other Covid departments (+7).


Still dead in Tuscany for Covid. Four deaths are registered by the Region in the 24 hours. The new victims have an average age of 72.3 years and are from the areas of Pistoia, Pisa, Arezzo and Siena. The total number of deaths in Tuscany rises to 7,383 since the beginning of the epidemic. Also in the 24 hours there were 391 new cases (average age 37 years) which lead to 298,477 total positives (+ 0.1% on the previous day). On the other hand, the healed (+ 0.2%) increased in a double percentage, reaching 282,994: in the 24 hours 471 healed due to negative molecular buffer. The current positives are today 8,100, -1% compared to yesterday. Among them the hospitalized are 300 (-3 people the daily balance between admissions and discharges, equal to -1%) of which 47 in intensive care (+2 people on yesterday equal to + 4.4%). Other 7,800 positive people are in isolation at home “because – argues the Region – they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free” (-81 people out of yesterday equal to -1%). In addition, there are 17,053 people in home quarantine (+288 on yesterday equal to + 1.7%) also isolated, in active surveillance because they have had contact with infected people.


No deaths and 36 new positive cases at Covid 19 in Valle D’Aosta. Since the beginning of the epidemic, therefore, the number of people infected with the virus has risen to 12,855. The current positives are 466 of which 453 in home isolation 11 hospitalized, 2 in intensive care. The overall total of healed is 11,911, + 13 compared to yesterday. The total cases tested are 96,187, the swabs carried out to date 273,620. The deaths of people who tested positive for Covid from the beginning of the emergency to today in Valle d’Aosta are 478.


Today in Lazio on 19,734 molecular swabs and 31,525 antigenic swabs for a total of 51,259
tampons, 1,283 new positive cases were recorded (-173), 6 deaths (+2), 697 hospitalized (+20), 87 intensive care (+3) and +793 recovered. The ratio of positives to buffers is 2.5%. The cases in Rome city are at 605. This was announced by the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato, who specified that “out of six deaths four had not received the vaccination”.



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Forty-seven of the 926 molecular swabs examined yesterday in Basilicata tested positive for covid-19: the regional task force announced it, adding that another eleven recoveries of people residing in the region were recorded. Also yesterday 3,273 vaccinations were carried out: the Lucanians who received the first dose were 436,231 (78.8 percent), while those who also had the second are 401,992 (72.7 percent). 32,530 people (5.9 percent) received the third dose.


Out of 22,533 Covid-19 tests performed in Puglia, 273 people were positive with an incidence rate of 1.2%. There are two deaths. The new cases of positivity are distributed as follows: in the province of Bari 69, in the Bat 13, in the province of Brindisi 40, in the Foggiano 45, in the Leccese 53, in the province of Taranto 52, 3 residents outside the region and -2 in the province in definition. There are 3,910 people currently positive, 144 those hospitalized in a non-critical area, 18 in intensive care.

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There are 249 more people who tested positive for coronavirus in Calabria out of 5,796 swabs performed compared to yesterday. In Calabria, 1,403,159 swabs have been carried out so far, the people who tested positive for the coronavirus are 91,494 (yesterday they were 91,245). This was announced by the Region in the daily bulletin of data relating to Covid: compared to yesterday, the ratio between swabs made and positive swabs rises (from 3.07% to 4.30%). Since the beginning of the emergency the deaths are 1,488 (+5 compared to yesterday), the healed are 86,206 (+203 compared to yesterday), currently there are 134 hospitalizations (+7 compared to yesterday), of which 11 in intensive care ( -1 compared to yesterday). The currently positive are 3,800 (+41).



In Sardinia there are 206 further confirmed cases of Covid positivity, based on 3,283 people tested. There are 13 patients admitted to intensive care units, the same number as yesterday, while 43 patients admitted to the medical area, therefore 5 fewer than yesterday. There are 2,386 cases of home isolation, 156 more than yesterday. The death of a 69-year-old woman residing in the province of Nuoro is recorded.

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