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Covid infections, Sardinia first by incidence and Rt index

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An explosion of cases on the island where, however, the percentage of occupancy of beds is below the threshold

CAGLIARI. Squirts, this week, the value of‘transmission index of the Rt contagion in Sardinia, reaching the value of 2.24 (compared to 1.12 last week). The other Regions with the highest Rt value are Veneto (1.67 compared to a value of 1.17), Marche (1.46 against 0.92 seven days ago) and Liguria (1.45 against 1.12)). The Regions that have the lowest Rt values ​​are Molise, where Rt this week is zero, and Basilicata (0.81).

By incidence of cases, Sardinia is in the lead with 82.8 out of 100 thousand inhabitants. Another 3 above the threshold of 50: Veneto (68.9); Lazio (68.8); Sicily (64.9).

According to what has been learned, these are the Rt values ​​in the various Regions and Autonomous Provinces indicated in the draft weekly monitoring of the ISS – Ministry of Health on the progress of Covid-19 infections now under examination by the control room and which presented today: Abruzzo 1.27; Basilicata 0.81; Calabria 0.95; Campania 1.26; Emilia-Romagna 1.35; FVG 1.24; Lazio 1.18; Liguria 1.45; Lombardy 1.34; Brands 1.46; Molise 0; Piedmont 1.27; PA Bolzano 1.24; PA Trento 1.04; Puglia 1.22; Sardinia 2.24; Sicily 1.18; Tuscany 1.4 3; Umbria 1; Aosta Valley 0; Veneto 1.67.

Hospitalizations for Covid-19 both in the medical area and in intensive care (new indicator) at national level they are respectively 2.1% and 2%. Far from the yellow zone thresholds of 15 and 10 percent. Sardinia with low percentages while in some regions they are already over 5% for employment in the medical area: Calabria 5.7% and Sicily 5.2% for the medical area. Campania follows with 4.8% and Basilicata 4.7%. For the intensive, Tuscany is 3.4%, Sicily 3.3% and Lazio 3%.

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