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D2: the complete schedule of play-offs known – Football in Togo

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D2: the complete schedule of play-offs known – Football in Togo

The six teams qualified to compete in the play-offs of the national second division football championship are located this Thursday on the full calendar. The Togolese Football Federation has just revealed the calendar.

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The play-offs for the second division national football championship begin on March 27. To this end, the FTF made public this Thursday the complete schedule of the play-offs. Respective leaders of their group, Ifodjè and Étoile Filante will face each other on the fifth day for the first leg and on the 10th day for the return match. However, a nostalgic derby will take place between Étoile Filante and Agaza on the 2nd day and 7th day. Discover the complete calendar:

Day 1
CDF Haknour vs Agaza
Shooting Star vs Arsenal
Day 2
Arsenal vs ASFOSA
Agaza vs Shooting Star
Ifodjè vs CDF Haknour
Day 3
CDF Haknour vs Arsenal
ASFOSA vs Etoile Filante
Ifodjè vs Agaza
Day 4
Arsenal vs IFODJÈ
ASFOSA vs Agaza
Etoile Filante vs CDF Haknour
Day 5
CDF Haknour vs ASFOSA
Agaza vs Arsenal
Ifodjè vs Shooting Star
Day 6
Agaza vs CDF Haknour
Ifodjè vs ASFOSA
Arsenal vs Shooting Star
Day 7
ASFOSA vs Arsenal
Shooting Star vs Agaza
CDF Haknour vs IFODJÈ
Day 8
Arsenal vs CDF Haknour
Etoile Filante vs ASFOSA
Agaza vs Ifodjè
Day 9
Ifodjè vs Arsenal
Agaza vs ASFOSA
CDF Haknour vs Etoile Filante
Day 10
ASFOSA vs CDF Haknour
Arsenal vs Agaza
Etoile Filante vs Ifodjè

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