Home News Davide Ferrerio, the 20-year-old attacked on vacation, is dying. Sinisa’s message: “Come on, we cheer for you”

Davide Ferrerio, the 20-year-old attacked on vacation, is dying. Sinisa’s message: “Come on, we cheer for you”

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Davide Ferrerio, the 20-year-old attacked on vacation, is dying.  Sinisa’s message: “Come on, we cheer for you”

BOLOGNA – Versa in desperate conditions Davide Ferrerio, 20, from Bologna, savagely beaten in Crotone on Thursday evening while on vacation. The boy is intubated and in prognosis reserved for the Pugliese Ciaccio hospital in Catanzaro.

Davide had to return home next Sunday for the Bologna match at the Dall’Ara stadium. He’s a great Rossoblu fan, he had a season ticket. And today Sinisa sent him a video message: “Hi Davide, unfortunately I know what happened to you, I’m very sorry, but in life you often find stupid and violent people who think they can solve everything by force. I know you are in hospital. We all cheer for you, we hope you wake up as soon as possible. When you get better you will be my guest in Casteldebole and at the stadium. “

The attack in Crotone

The young man was on vacation in Crotone, the place of origin of his mother, honorary deputy prosecutor serving in the Emilian capital. On Thursday evening while on the central street he was chased and beaten. A knee to the stomach and a punch to the face of him, then he fell ruinously beating his head on the asphalt. The attacker, a 22-year-old, was arrested. The investigating judge validated the arrest and, at the same time, applied the measure in prison for Niccolò Passalacqua who, during the guarantee questioning, availed himself of the right not to answer

The statements of some people who witnessed the attack were also decisive. Two women who allegedly had acquaintances with the manager are under investigation for the crime of aiding and abetting. The police investigate the motive, while the chats contained in the mobile phones of the victim and the alleged attacker are also being examined by investigators.

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“I express a clear condemnation for this very serious and unacceptable episode,” he said in a statement Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region. “Violence, unfortunately the news of these summer weeks, around Italy, is full of similar situations, it is never the solution to resolve any disputes. Whoever uses it, lightly and indiscriminately, commits a crime. And for Davide’s attacker I hope that there will be an exemplary punishment. I would like to send the sincere solidarity of the Region to the Ferrerio family and best wishes for a speedy recovery to the twenty-year-old Bolognese, praying that this bad story may have a positive ending “.

Messages for Davide

Solidarity grows around Davide, many mobilize to show affection and closeness to him and to his family. “Davide is a great fan of Bologna, we cannot know if he has ever collected stickers but we want to support him in our own way, with the page in the Calciatori a few years ago of the rossoblu team, with the great photo of Palacio, a fighter who never gave up and so must this young fan too. Come on Davide! ” is the post of Figurine Forever.

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