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Deputy Secretary Wang Yubo Emphasizes Importance of ‘Four No’s and Two Straights’ Approach in Flood Prevention Work

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Wang Yubo Emphasizes importance of “Four No’s and Two Straights” Approach in Flood Prevention Work

September 12, Province – Wang Yubo, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor of the province, paid a visit to investigate the flood prevention work using the “four no’s and two straights” approach. During his visit, he stressed the need to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on flood prevention and relief work and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

Wang Yubo began his investigation by visiting the office of the Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters. There, he gained an understanding of the province’s flood control duty situation and engaged in discussions on enhancing the emergency mechanism. He also held video conferences with provincial departments and heavy rainfall areas, including the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts and warnings. In his discussions with local leaders from Pingbian County, Hekou County, Xiangyun County, Pusong Town, and Bailin Township, Wang Yubo praised the leading cadres on duty for their proactive efforts and emphasized the importance of timely relocation in dangerous situations.

Expressing his condolences to the cadres and workers on the front line of flood control, Wang Yubo commended the achievements made in flood prevention and relief work. However, he acknowledged the recent heavy rainfall and the ongoing risk of land disasters in some areas. He urged everyone to remain vigilant and continue flood prevention and disaster relief work with caution.

Wang Yubo urged for the synchronized dispatch of flood prevention and land disaster prevention, emphasizing the need for dynamic consultation and real-time research and judgment. He also called for the optimization of the “1262” mechanism to ensure that early warning information reaches households and people promptly. Wang Yubo stressed the importance of innovative working methods to improve the efficiency of emergency response systems at all levels. He also emphasized the responsibility of leading cadres to be diligent, maintain a war-ready attitude, and be accountable for defending the territory.

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Highlighting the urgency and seriousness of emergency work, Wang Yubo called for a focus on safety production, particularly in key areas such as coal mines. He emphasized the need for in-depth investigation and rectification of hidden risks to prevent major accidents.

Liu Fei, who participated in the survey, reported the findings.

Reporter: Zhang Yin

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